Dubai World Gains Business Agility, Mitigates Risks, and Reduces Costs with Eco-Friendly, Semivirtual Data Centers
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Dubai World Gains Business Agility, Mitigates Risks, and Reduces Costs with Eco-Friendly, Semivirtual Data Centers

Dubai World is the investment holding company of the Government of Dubai, a key contributor to the economic future of the Emirate of Dubai. The company focuses on strategic growth areas, such as industrial parks and special economic zones, dry dock shipyards and marine terminal operations, urban development projects, and diversified investments.




A word from Dubai World

  • β€œIt costs less to migrate to a new system than to maintain end-of-life hardware. Upgrading our Oracle stack on commodity servers using Oracle VM and Oracle Linux provided us with a cost-effective infrastructure that will increase productivity, mitigate risks, and reduce total cost of ownership. And remarkably, we did the entire upgrade and migration without interrupting business at any time or making changes to existing setups and configurations.” – Premjit Nair, Principal Infrastructure Architect, Dubai World

  • Reduce floor space, power consumption, and cooling requirements and introduce site-level switching capabilities for selected applications—a key requirement, as some important projects had to be postponed due to insufficient data center space and system capacities
  • Reduce high support costs for out-of-warranty PA-RISC/EPIC-based HP systems, distributed across two geographically separated data centers by establishing an eco-friendly setup, based on commodity servers
  • Establish cost-effective hosting with the capacity for new business projects in Dubai World’s data centers to support the creation of industrial parks and special economic zones, without exceeding the 10 racks already installed or increasing the data centers’ operational costs
  • Leverage superior functionality from Dubai World’s Oracle software stack and ensure continued support level for business-critical applications by upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 and Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g


  • Upgraded three instances of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12—including the associated Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition; Oracle Discoverer; and Oracle Access Manager infrastructure—on Intel-based commodity servers, distributed across two sites, without affecting the existing setup
  • Reduced hardware footprint, total cost of ownership, and risks by migrating approximately 100 PA-RISC/EPIC-based HP servers to 70 Intel-based commodity servers running Oracle Enterprise Linux—of which around 45 are virtual servers on Oracle VM
  • Ensured much better performance and massive scalability by upgrading to an Oracle-certified software infrastructure with Oracle Premier Support
  • Established eco-friendly data centers equipped with Intel-based commodity servers running on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM 3.1, occupying only one rack in each data center instead of the previous 10 racks—which reduces power consumption and cooling requirements by an estimated 50% and releases floor space and power capacity for other business projects without new investments
  • Used Oracle Data Guard to optimize disaster recovery and ensure high availability for applications that monitor the emirate's investments in industrial parks, marine terminal operations, and urban development projects
  • Used the latest out-of-the-box performance and security features available in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 to avoid the need for customizations, such as for general ledger reconciliation reports, which took significant time and budget to build and maintain
  • Added several processor cores to the infrastructure without increasing Oracle licensing costs, as Intel multicore processors come with an Oracle licensing processor factor of 0.5 instead of the Oracle licensing processor factor of 0.75, which is applied to older RISC/EPIC-based processors
  • Eliminated customizations that addressed issues cited in previous audit reports with expanded Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 functionality, such as export of Extensible Markup Language reports from Oracle EBS to Microsoft Excel or portable document format
  • Ensured, with a reasonable investment, that Dubai World’s hardware and software infrastructure is on the latest technology and fully supported for the next three years, with a lower total cost of ownership than the previous HP-based solution and with substantially fewer risks

Why Oracle

“We adopted Oracle Linux and Oracle’s virtualization solution as a strategic choice to achieve the vision of bringing our applications, databases, operating systems, and virtualization technologies onto a proven and certified technology stack to enhance Dubai World’s operational excellence,” said Tareq Lootah, head of solution delivery and architecture, Dubai World. “The upgrades of our basic Oracle applications enabled us to deploy cost-effective Intel X86 servers and ensure stable margins.”

“Our migration to Oracle Linux and Oracle VM on Intel X86 platforms brought performance improvements and financial gains. It also ensured excellent support from a single vendor for quicker issue resolutions. We were able to increase the number of processor cores to meet additional processing power requirements without incurring more license costs,” said Srinivas Kalyan, senior infrastructure architect, Dubai World.