Durham County Council Improves Control and Reduces Costs Through Software License Consolidation and Updated Asset Management Policies
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Durham County Council Improves Control and Reduces Costs Through Software License Consolidation and Updated Asset Management Policies

Durham County Council provides a wide range of public services, including social services for children and adults, library services, highway maintenance and street lighting, waste management, and pest control, to approximately 513,000 residents. Formed in 2009 from the consolidation of seven district councils and one county council, the organization had more than 1,300 applications, many of which were disparate and redundant.

Durham County Council wanted to consolidate and standardize its applications, optimizing what it spent on licensing to achieve both short and long-term financial savings. Oracle License Management Services conducted an Asset Management Services maturity assessment and provided advice and recommendations for saving money and reducing exposure to licensing issues.

Durham County Council has consolidated its 1,300 legacy applications to 806 applications and is optimizing its investment in core applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, by training more staff on those systems. The council expects further consolidation in future and is building a centralized repository of software asset and license information. It also has written new policies and procedures to improve management control, including requiring the IT department to approve all new software purchases in advance, rather leaving these decisions to bemade by individual departments, as before.

The asset management assessment provided a good foundation for the future, and has enabled Durham County Council to adopt best practices for software asset management that will improve efficiency and reduce costs in the long-term.

A word from Durham County Council

  • "The Oracle License Management Services asset management review quickly provided us with a very clear understanding of our current position. Most important, the process gave us leverage within our organization to drive forward our new software asset management policy." – Neil McQuiston, Applications Development and Portfolio Manager, Durham County Council



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Implementation Process

Oracle License Management Services conducted one-on-one interviews with key staff members to develop a thorough understanding of the council’s current software asset management situation. Following this review, the Oracle License Management Services team presented a report with 10 key recommendations to senior management within the council. These recommendations have formed the basis of Durham County Council’s new software asset management policy.