Ministerie van Defensie Improves Efficiency and Cuts Costs for Human Resources Administration by 50% with Centralized Human Resource Management

Ministerie van Defensie Improves Efficiency and Cuts Costs for Human Resources Administration by 50% with Centralized Human Resource Management

Ministerie van Defensie is the government agency responsible for the armed forces of the Netherlands. Headed by the Minister of Defense, the Ministry consists of its central staff, the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Royal Netherlands Army, the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Support Command, and the Defense Material Organization. With a employees numbering approximately 68,000, this governmental organization is one of the biggest employers in the Netherlands.

Ministerie van Defensie needed to consolidate its fourteen siloed, legacy human resources (HR) systems that supported its seven divisions to achieve a more centralized HR solution and lower costs by streamlining administrative processes and enabling independent, on-demand employee updates. As important, it required customized configurations in its HR management solution to support tailor-made reporting for more efficient reporting to ease the organization’s HR administrative burden, further advancing cost savings.

The organization implemented Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources, which enabled the rapid availability of HR-related information across all divisions. With the solution, Ministerie van Defensie gained a highly-available, centralized environment to support on-demand employee information updates and streamlined, tailor-made reporting for management. As a result, it realized a 50% savings for its HR administrative costs due to the self-service nature of the platform and the available, up-to-date, and accurate data provided by the new solution.




A word from Ministerie van Defensie

  • “Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources enables us to do more with less manpower, as employees are responsible for their own personal data and managers can obtain reports on-demand, as required by business needs.” – Erwin Huisman, Information Systems Manager, Ministerie van Defensie

  • Create a single, centralized, and robust HR management system for the seven organizational divisions to replace 14 legacy systems
  • Perform the same amount—or more—of HR tasks with fewer resources, to minimize administrative costs
  • Create a HR management system, specific to Ministerie van Defensie’s HR policies, taking into account various factors, including compliancy, employee training, and medical selection procedures
  • Enable employees to independently update personal details in the system
  • Support managers with quick access to accurate customized HR reports


Oracle Product and Services

  • Enabled rapid availability of accurate HR information with a single, easy-to-monitor, centralized HR, IT environment, encompassing all seven organizational divisions
  • Empowered employees to take personal responsibility for their data, as they can add, update, and amend personal information on-demand via a shared service center
  • Reduced administrative costs by 50% on routine HR tasks, such as updating vacation leave and employee address details, as employees can now update personal information themselves
  • Streamlined work processes to improve HR information accuracy due to the highly available and up-to-date data
  • Facilitated rapid access for managers to appropriate, tailor-made reports with the capability to specify search queries using various parameters, facilitating managers to make better decisions and to do more with less manpower, which are critical for a governmental agency responsible for the nation’s defense
  • Deployed PeopleSoft Human Resources to achieve a flexible HR environment that can be easily upgraded with new applications
  • Used services of Capgemini to manage applications within the human resource management system


Capgemini is the global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing, and local professional services. This Oracle partner is headquartered in Paris, France and operates in 40 countries. The company has around 120,000 employees in North America, Europe, South America and the Asia-Pacific region.