EAFIT University Simplifies Compliance for Licensing Hosted Student and Course Administration Solution

EAFIT University Simplifies Compliance for Licensing Hosted Student and Course Administration Solution

  • Oracle Customer:  Universidad EAFIT
    Location:  Medellín, Colombia
    Industry:  Education and Research
    Employees:  910 (full time) and 650 (part time)
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

EAFIT University (Universidad EAFIT) offers 19 undergraduate degree courses, 49 graduate certificate programs, 16 master’s degree courses, and three doctorate programs from its campuses in Medellín and other cities in Colombia. It participates in interuniversity projects worldwide, attracting professors, lecturers, and researchers from around the globe.

EAFIT University wanted to ensure that it was correctly licensed for Sistema Académico Integrado (SAI), its Oracle-based student and course administration solution that is used internally and offered as a proprietary hosted application to six other higher education institutions. The university worked with Oracle LMS and Authorized Oracle LMS Partner Nexsys de Colombia to conduct the assessment and build a robust framework for future license tracking and compliance management.




A word from Universidad EAFIT

  • "Oracle LMS enabled us to navigate a complex license environment, encompassing both in-house and third-party users, and streamline usage tracking and compliance." – Jose Fernando Acevedo, IT Manager, Universidad EAFIT

  • Understand the licensing implications of providing SAI, EAFIT’s integrated student and course administration system built on Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server to six other higher education institutions as a proprietary hosted solution
  • Grow revenue by offering SAI to more universities and additional education colleges in Latin America while avoiding unintentional noncompliance with license rights for the embedded Oracle technology
  • Correct any existing compliance shortfall, improve knowledge of license management, and enforce tight control of Oracle software distribution and usage
  • Gain expert, impartial guidance on how to proactively ensure and maintain license compliance to avoid risk of noncompliance and unbudgeted spend in the future


Oracle Product and Services

  • Accepted proposal of Oracle License Management Services (Oracle LMS) to reassess Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server licenses in light of the increase in user numbers for SAI following its provision to additional educational institutions
  • Used the services of Authorized Oracle LMS Partner Nexsys de Colombia, experts in conducting license assessments using Oracle’s scripts and tracking tools, to provide advice on how to conduct the review rapidly and efficiently
  • Used Oracle LMS scripts and automated monitoring tools to capture SAI usage data for faculty heads, course managers, and student administrators at EAFIT
  • Leveraged the nonintrusive collection and discovery methodologies developed by Oracle LMS to minimize impact of the assessment on IT team’s ability to carry out day-to-day activities and support users
  • Purchased additional licenses required to roll out SAI to an additional six higher-education establishments
  • Benefited from expertise of Oracle LMS to improve understanding of Oracle’s licensing policies, optimize use of existing licenses, and make informed procurement decisions on future IT spend to maximize benefit of Oracle software assets to the university
  • Made decision to upgrade to Oracle WebLogic Server to guarantee maximum availability, unrivalled scale-out capabilities, streamlined management and unbreakable security for SAI, following recommendations of Oracle LMS
  • Worked with Oracle LMS and Nexsys to build a robust framework for future license tracking and compliance management to support continuous growth of SAI and its wider promotion to higher education establishments in Latin America


Nexsys de Colombia, an Authorized Oracle LMS Partner, conducted the assessment with input from an Oracle LMS Consultant. The resulting expertise in Oracle’s license management and monitoring processes simplified the complexities of tracking usage across EAFIT’s in-house and hosted environments

"License management is a time-consuming task,” said Jose Fernando Acevedo, IT manager, Universidad EAFIT. "Nexsys’ customer-centric approach made the assessment as unobtrusive as possible while giving us the skills to streamline license management as we increase our customer base for SAI."