Earth Rangers Increases Data Center Energy Efficiency by 90% Without Sacrificing Performance or Scalability by Upgrading Storage System
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Earth Rangers Increases Data Center Energy Efficiency by 90% Without Sacrificing Performance or Scalability by Upgrading Storage System

Earth Rangers is an award-winning, charitable organization dedicated to educating children about biodiversity loss and empowering them to Bring Back the Wild.  Building on children’s natural connection to wildlife, Earth Rangers’ focus is to communicate to children a positive, science-based message on the importance of protecting biodiversity and adopting more sustainable behaviors. Through programs, including a children’s Website——, a national television presence, and live outreach programs featuring live animal ambassadors, Earth Rangers reaches, inspires, and engages millions of children each year to take action to help ensure the lasting survival of species in Canada.

Earth Rangers, winner of a 2012 Oracle Eco-Enterprise Innovation Award, has focused on building out its Web-based tools to support online learning and education. As a result, its Website content grows by more than 20 terabytes a year. The organization, therefore, required a scalable, high-volume storage solution that it could implement quickly. Energy efficiency was also a critical factor in the selection process, given the organization’s core mission. Earth Rangers successfully met both goals with Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage system. It cost-effectively increased storage, improved its power usage effectiveness to 1.5, and increased energy efficiency in the data center by 90%, without sacrificing performance or scalability.

When initializing the organization’s data center, it had two options—standard implementation of enterprise solutions or virtualization coupled with data storage optimization and cooling load reduction. Earth Rangers chose virtualization, which is more cost effective to initiate and operate than traditional servers, and this resulted in an instant return on investment.

The installation has allowed Earth Rangers to avoid the equivalent of 100,000 kilowatt hours of energy consumption, and 26 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. These savings contributed significantly to the 17.8% energy savings realized in 2011 over 2010 levels—all while the organization was growing, both in reach and employees.

A word from Earth Rangers

  • “The number one reason we chose Oracle is because its goals and objectives are in line with ours. Oracle is an advocate for green business practices that drive efficiency, and we needed an eco-friendly storage solution. Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage system aligns with our core principles, performs extremely well, and works within our budget.” – Rob Di Stefano, IT Systems Director, Earth Rangers



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Why Oracle

“From a technological standpoint, Oracle’s Pillar Axiom blew all other comparable technologies away. It has the critical functionality we needed in a storage system—including tiered storage, redundancy, and scalability—and enabled us to meet our budgetary and sustainability goals without sacrificing performance,” said Rob Di Stefano, IT systems director, Earth Rangers.

Implementation Process

Earth Rangers completed the storage system implementation in less than one week, limiting downtime when switching from the legacy system.

“From an administrative and technical standpoint, we completed the implementation with ease. The technicians were great and very knowledgeable, and I cannot express how thrilled I was with the end result. After the implementation, we were able to set and forget. The system is extremely easy to manage,” Di Stefano said.