Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição Reduces Database Maintenance and Costs by 25%, Enhances Security
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Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição Reduces Database Maintenance and Costs by 25%, Enhances Security

Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição (ECAD) is a private, civil organization established by Federal Law No. 5.988/73 and maintained by the current Brazilian Copyright Law No 9.610/98. Relying on its advanced technology, strong operational control and a trained staff, and administered by nine music associations, ECAD handles royalty collection and distribution resulting from the public use of domestic and international music. With headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, ECAD’s 840 employees also operate royalty collection units in each of Brazil’s 28 states. In addition, the entity extends its services through a network of 52 service-provider law offices and 99 autonomous agencies.

ECAD carries out its mission with a fully computerized and centralized data system that has 536,000 registered composers. The system has 3 million catalogued works and 1,194,000 phonograms, which account for all registered versions of each song published in Brazil. The organization generates and sends approximately 81,000 invoices monthly to charge royalties from its 443,000 registered members that use musical works publicly.




A word from Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição (ECAD)

  • “Due to the unique nature of our business, we require a highly customizable IT infrastructure to support our needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Oracle Data Masking Pack and Oracle Database Vault enable us to securely store and leverage our data as we continue to improve music royalty collection, distribution, and control.” – Marcos Eboli, Services and IT Quality Manager, Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição

  • Enhance security measures to protect the Oracle Database—which contains confidential information from composers and music users (including bars, cinemas, radio and television stations, and advertising agencies)—from unauthorized access
  • Provide data for secure application development and collection, as well as distribution system maintenance
  • Support constant revenue growth, related to distribution volume and which spurs the need for new technology tools and procedures


  • Enhanced protection of music owners’ and users’ confidential information through advanced security features in Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Data Masking Pack for referential integrity and masking of critical and confidential data in ECAD’s two main systems used for collection and distribution
  • Eliminated manual database cleansing and filtering, which frees up one week per month to focus on other projects and maintenance—a 25% gain in time that can be used for other projects
  • Reduced risks associated with unrestricted database administrator access and improved best practices by using Oracle Database Vault to limit access and avoid incidents that could jeopardize the organization’s data
  • Enabled better performance monitoring by improving the quality of monthly reports and production processes for the nine administrative associations, which can generate up to 60,000 pages for monthly reports that include detailed information, such as receipt statements
  • Enhanced performance of and access to ECAD’s website, which delivers services used by technical inspectors and associations around the country, such as for registration and purchases, as well as payment controls
  • Launched the innovative CIA.Radio system—an application that accesses the Oracle Database and accelerates the identification of music users, a process that previously could take 40 minutes and now has been reduced to 3 minutes through automation
  • Complied with internal security and availability policies by improving database administration through Oracle Partitioning, which increased speed and performance for accessing data from the collection and distribution system

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Data Masking Pack because of its seamless integration with Oracle Database, which made it easier to use and accelerated the implementation and testing stages. As a result, we increased security, reduced the potential of data breaches, and avoided exposing critical business information,” said Marcos Eboli, services and IT quality manager, Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição.


“The Micro-Mídia team was responsible for identifying and articulating our business needs and recommending the Oracle Data Masking Pack solution, which makes our data secure and available. Our development staff now has fewer security concerns and can focus on additional efforts and projects,” Eboli said.