EDF France Manages US$21.5 Billion Nuclear Power Station Construction Project Safely and Effectively

EDF France Manages US$21.5 Billion Nuclear Power Station Construction Project Safely and Effectively

  • Oracle Customer:  EDF France
    Location:  Paris, France
    Industry:  Utilities
    Employees:  159,740
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

EDF France is one of the world’s leading electric utility companies, with 39.3 million customers worldwide. The organization generates, transmits, and distributes electricity created from nuclear, traditional fossil fuel, hydroelectric, and renewable sources.

EDF France is committed to providing a reliable, energy-efficient power supply backed by excellent customer service. It works to ensure maximum safety while remaining at the forefront of carbon-free energy technology.




A word from EDF France

  • “Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Portfolio Management delivers a blueprint for best practices in scheduling and helps us keep tight control over complex nuclear construction projects.” – Benoit Maurice, Strategy Pilot Director, EDF France

  • Implement robust project portfolio management tool to help manage construction of two new nuclear power plants in the United Kingdom by clarifying project responsibilities, accelerating scheduling processes, and reducing costs
  • Improve collaboration, management, and control of global network of nuclear engineering and construction suppliers and partners
  • Use proven processes and procedures to improve project management of complex and costly construction initiatives


  • Implemented Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management to safely and efficiently manage the engineering design activities of an eight-year, US$21.5 billion project to build two new nuclear plants in the United Kingdom
  • Used Primavera to more effectively manage the engineering work carried out by a network of suppliers and partners who deliver specialized services, such as providing heaters and casing for nuclear reactors
  • Clarified responsibilities for multiple activities and improved project management control and governance for the large, costly, and complex project
  • Improved collaboration between EDF in the United Kingdom and France as well as with partners and suppliers by sharing data in the same format—as Primavera is the primary project management tool used within the nuclear engineering and construction industry
  • Created project schedules up to 30% faster, reducing costs and delivering improved results
  • Provided a blueprint for best practices in scheduling by using Primavera to model schedules to improve project management procedures throughout EDF
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and maintenance costs with zero customization to help keep project costs to a minimum

Why Oracle

EDF France consulted with Technip to evaluate the options available on the market to efficiently manage complex engineering projects. Following a thorough evaluation and consultation process, Technip recommended Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management based on the solution’s project standards, global reach, and ability to help EDF collaborate with its partners.

“We chose Primavera P6 as it provided all the functionality that we required for a complex, multiyear nuclear engineering project. In addition, Primavera is heavily used throughout the nuclear industry. By choosing this application, we can collaborate more closely with our global network of suppliers and partners,” said Benoit Maurice, strategy pilot director, EDF France.

“Primavera is now held up as a best practice within EDF France,” Maurice said.