El Paso Corporation Energizes New Hire Productivity and Cuts Costs with Onboarding
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El Paso Corporation Energizes New Hire Productivity and Cuts Costs with Onboarding

El Paso Corporation owns North America’s largest interstate natural gas pipeline system—approximately 42,000 miles—transporting more than a quarter of the natural gas consumed in the country each day. The company provides natural gas and related energy products to businesses and consumers throughout the U.S.

It is among the top 10 independent natural gas producers in North America with a balanced oil production program throughout the United States, Brazil, and Egypt. Its drilling programs focus on growing reserves at reasonable development costs and growing production efficiently through active cost management.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, El Paso Corporation doesn’t build power plants, but it fuels them with natural gas. If El Paso employees can’t do their jobs, power plants don’t run, cities don’t light up, hospitals close their doors, and homes go without heat.

Improving Quality of Hire

A word from El Paso Corporation

  • “With Taleo Onboarding, we now have access to accurate recruitment data and performance metrics measuring our effectiveness at bringing new talent onboard with Team EP.”- Valencia Amenson, Manager, Talent Management, El Paso Corporation

Today El Paso employs over 5,000 people, including 98 human resource professionals and recruiters. Because El Paso has hired as many as 80 people per month, the recruiting staff is faced with the challenge of making sure it not only identifies and hires the right caliber of employees each month, but that it also has a consistent onboarding process for all of these new hires.

In order to make sure it has the right employees in place supplied with the right tools to do their jobs, El Paso implemented Taleo Enterprise Recruiting for its online hiring solution in 2006.

First, the company leveraged Taleo to develop an online pre-registration and pre-screening process for job fairs. This enables El Paso recruiters to anticipate the volume of participants planning to attend the events. More importantly, they can pre-screen and pre-qualify candidates and share this information with prospective hiring managers.

This resulted in extending invitations to only the most qualified candidates pre-selected by hiring managers. Feedback from the candidates included being pleasantly surprised to see managers prepared and anticipating their attendance at the event. Management at El Paso Corporation noted the significant improvement in candidate quality and indicated that it was a good use of their time to participate.

At the other end of the employment process, El Paso is also using Taleo for posting and tracking opportunities for existing employees to gain on-thejob development training. Managers create job requisitions for rotational assignments of 6–12 weeks in length on a Taleo-powered internal portal. Employees can apply through the portal, which routes the application to the appropriate manager for consideration. El Paso Corporation used Taleo to build appropriate communications into the entire cycle to ensure the managers and employees remain aware of current opportunities and status of rotational projects. Finally, Taleo produces reports to help El Paso monitor and measure the effectiveness of the rotational program, utilization, and placement achievements.

Increasing Productivity While Reducing Printing and Shipping Costs

Automating the New Hire Process

Delivering Better Experiences for New Hires, Recruiters, Managers, and HR

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