ENAV Enhances Operations Security with Identity and Access Management Solutions
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ENAV Enhances Operations Security with Identity and Access Management Solutions

ENAV S.p.A. controls and manages Italy’s civilian air traffic. Its primary task is to efficiently ensure the safety of all 752,832 square kilometers of Italian air space by providing around-the-clock air traffic services for more than 1.6 million flights per year, with peaks of up to 6,000 flights per day. It needed to upgrade and modernize its IT architecture that houses highly sensitive personnel data.

In September 2010, ENAV partnered with Oracle to launch the implementation of Oracle Identity and Access Management as part of a project for the modernizing its personnel information system. ENAV leveraged Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Virtual Directory, and Oracle Internet Directory to develop the new system. 




A word from ENAV S.p.A.

  • “ENAV’s core business is managing Italy’s national air traffic, so security is imperative for front- and back-office operations. We needed a system that enabled precise data-access control and security, and Oracle Identity and Access Management made that possible, increasing and strengthening our data and application security.” – Felice Lombardi, Database and Middleware Manager on Information Systems Management, ENAV S.p.A.

  • Increase efficiency in managing access to employees’ highly sensitive personnel data
  • Automate access management, based on user-level restrictions
  • Streamline the two- to three-day, paper-based, new-user creation process
  • Improve security by controlling and auditing access to personnel data and business applications
  • Enable real-time knowledge regarding user access and privilege levels to guarantee that all business operations are updated and ensure that air traffic control functions run efficiently


  • Consolidated air-traffic-control employee data into a single system, to streamline data organization and management and to enforce data privacy, ultimately ensuring that security is guaranteed in operating air traffic control stations Automated identity and access management for 10 systems applications, eliminating 100% of system administration effort associated with employee-data tasks
  • Provided business units with real-time knowledge—without IT staff involvement—about users’ access to applications and data, as well as privilege levels 
  • Reduced new-user, activation-process time by 100% by accomplishing this in real-time to increase the efficiency and the speed of management processes
  • Documented approximately 2,800 system changes, including deactivating 340 users and creating 290 new users, while saving 100% of administration time
  • Achieved ISO 27001 certification by streamlining processes and improving reporting, data security, and information access control

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle because of the solutions’ system reliability and because Oracle is universally recognized as a leader in this specific market segment by independent analysts, such as Gartner. In addition, it was easy for ENAV to integrate Oracle’s solutions into the existing architecture, streamlining the implementation process and accelerating time to value. Last, but not least, the long-standing partnership with Oracle has allowed us to acquire licenses with great economic benefits,” said Felice Lombardi, database and middleware manager on information systems management, ENAV S.p.A.

Implementation Process

The project had a high level of complexity, both for the changes of the business processes (such as user management) and regarding complex system integration (from the personnel information system up to all application targets). The planning and the implementation of Oracle Identity and Access Management achieved its objectives, and the project was completed on time. Planning started in September 2010, and the first phase launched in April 2011.

Oracle supported ENAV throughout the implementation lifecycle. Oracle’s product managers and Oracle Consulting were crucial in the analysis phase, for consultancy, and during the development of the new system. The knowledgeable assistance of Oracle’s specialists led to the success of this program.