Endesa’s Databases That Support 150 Million Transactions Daily are Upgraded and Consolidated with Minimal Downtime

Endesa’s Databases That Support 150 Million Transactions Daily are Upgraded and Consolidated with Minimal Downtime

  • Oracle Customer:  Endesa, S.A.
    Location:  Madrid, Spain
    Industry:  Utilities
    Employees:  23,000
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Endesa, S.A. is a leading electric utility company in Spain and the largest private electricity multinational in Latin America. The company provides services to more than 25 million customers. Founded in 1944, Endesa’s strategic priorities include streamlining assets and optimizing costs to deal with expanded regulatory requirements.

In Spain and Portugal, Endesa’s core business is the generation, distribution, and supply of electricity. This involves 100 million to 150 million back-office transactions and 4,000 to 5,000 file uploads daily to set prices, based on constantly fluctuating internal and external factors.




A word from Endesa, S.A.

  • “When upgrading to Oracle Database 11g with Oracle GoldenGate, we were looking for high-performance data replication with minimal impact on business operations while ensuring the integrity of the data coming from heterogeneous sources. We successfully merged two databases into one and achieved greater performance and flexibility while meeting our key requirement for minimal disruption of services during the migration.” – Fernando Romero, Business Relationship Manager, Endesa, S.A.

  • Improve database log management by migrating and merging two Oracle databases that constantly share information used to determine fluctuating electricity prices and dispatch the information to the appropriate power plants
  • Minimize downtime during the database conversion to avoid missed deadlines, lost revenue, and potential fines
  • Ensure correct replication of data—regarding past energy prices, competitor prices, and customer and consumption—during the migration
  • Ensure successful database migration as part of a wider data-center-transformation project aimed at creating two-cluster nodes in two different geographical locations


  • Limited downtime to less than 30 minutes during the upgrade to Oracle Database 11g and merging two Oracle databases that support 100 million to 150 million transactions per day, thanks to Oracle GoldenGate
  • Minimized downtime and avoided disruption to critical business operations and exposure to potential fines during the upgrade
  • Ensured consistent performance when merging a 150-GB database, which relays information daily to and from power plants, with a 900-GB database that stores historical data on rates from the last 15 years
  • Optimized log management in Oracle Database through partitioning by date and month instead of by code, providing quicker database-query-response times and simplifying subsequent searches for historical data on electricity rates, demand, and consumption
  • Ensured that the company did not miss deadlines for rate submissions, which could result in lost revenue and fines from electricity market regulators
  • Bypassed need for manual data entry, thanks to near-zero downtime, avoiding tripling workload for business users during the migration
  • Verified correct replication of data with Oracle Active Data Guard and the support of Oracle staff, creating read-only copies of database files to increase security and avoid potential problems affecting users responsible for overseeing the rate-setting process and analyzing historical data
  • Increased database performance, allowing a more streamlined rate-setting process

Why Oracle

With Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle provided an optimal solution to upgrade and migrate two databases with different data management requirements and volumes to Oracle Database 11g Release 2, with nearly no downtime.

“We never considered opting for a supplier other than Oracle. Only Oracle GoldenGate would allow us to successfully complete the migration without negatively affecting the performance of our business-critical applications running on the database,” said Fernando Romero, business relationship manager, Endesa S.A.

“One of the key factors for opting for Oracle GoldenGate is that it allowed us to execute a data import-export and synchronization. We began exporting data from our databases of origin one week before the migration, importing it to Oracle Database 11g databases and replicating it. During that week we reviewed the replication process to ensure the information was correctly applied in the destination database. This gave us the peace of mind to complete the migration knowing the data was correctly replicated and that the process could be interrupted, if necessary, without affecting users,” said Adam Escudero, solution manager, Endesa.

Implementation Process

Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services helped Endesa identify the must-haves for the migration. It also worked with Endesa’s database administrator to understand and choose the best Oracle GoldenGate option. Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services actively participated in preproduction tests, development, and implementation, and proactively addressed challenges to ensure a successful implementation.