EngineON Helps Customers Address Big Data Challenges with Scalable, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Database Platform
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EngineON Helps Customers Address Big Data Challenges with Scalable, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Database Platform

EngineON’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering provides unique, Web-acceleration technology to speed up application performance, enabling its customers—organizations across industries like financial services, healthcare, retail, and gaming—to address their unique big data challenges by efficiently processing unstructured data streams. The company’s fully managed and hosted platform can be set up within days to process high-velocity, high-volume data. EngineON operates in two countries—the United States and Switzerland.




A word from EngineON

  • “Our customers are dealing with unprecedented data volume and velocity, and with unstructured data coming from many sources. We needed a solution to help our customers address this significant challenge, and Oracle NoSQL Database delivered with high availability, scalability, and performance.” – Alex Korotkoff, Chief Executive Officer, EngineON

  • Help organizations across data-intensive industries, like financial services, healthcare, retail, and gaming to quickly capture and serve unstructured data
  • Ensure system reliability, support, and stability for customers who were uncomfortable using free, open source solutions, due to the need for secure transactions and enterprise-class support
  • Enable fast database installation to accelerate time to market for the company’s PaaS offering and allow for the rapid addition of new database instances to scale with customer growth


Oracle Product and Services

  • Used Oracle NoSQL Database to provide a high-performance solution for big data customers, helping organizations process transactions more quickly, while improving reliability, scalability, and ease of use—ultimately enabling them to make decisions in near real time to support their businesses
  • Ensured scalability, high availability, and transparent load balancing, even when dynamically adding new capacity—handling several terabytes of data per second during peak processing times
  • Provided Transactional Support to guarantee data processing is initiated and processed in a consistent manner—a very important feature for customers in industries like financial services, where “eventual consistency” is not acceptable
  • Enabled gaming-company customers to quickly test new game launches—which require feed processing from thousands of users—to accelerate time to market and improve competitive advantage
  • Helped retail customers to more effectively manage high inventory data volumes, enabling them to make better purchasing and supply decisions
  • Benefitted from Oracle NoSQL Database’s rich major/minor-key data modeling paradigm for managing data, for example, enabling a user to fetch just a small text description and ignore an associated large photograph in the same record—improving performance and using resources more efficiently
  • Enabled 50x greater data capture rate than offered by Hadoop
  • Ensured very easy integration with Oracle Database for simple data migration, enabling customers to analyze structured and unstructured data simultaneously
  • Enabled EngineON to very quickly install and administer Oracle NoSQL Database instances, enabling its customers to start using it within just a few hours

Why Oracle

“Oracle provided exactly what we wanted—a very easy installation process, enterprise-level support, performance, and unique features that other NoSQL players do not offer. We evaluated other options, but chose Oracle due to its scalability, reliability, transactional support, and robust feature set,” said Alex Korotkoff, chief executive officer, EngineON.

Implementation Process

EngineON completed its initial installation of Oracle NoSQL Database in less than one week in early 2012.

“Oracle NoSQL Database is very easy to install and use. Right now, if we wanted to create an instance in the cloud, it would take us minutes. We can cut out a lot of maintenance and deployment time with Oracle because it is an all-in-one, packaged product,” said Alex Korotkoff, chief executive officer, EngineON.