Enterasys Networks Uses BigMachines to Drive Sales Process Improvements

Enterasys Networks Uses BigMachines to Drive Sales Process Improvements

Enterasys Networks had outgrown their homegrown quoting and configuration tools. From their company beginnings as Cabletron in 1983, to their current multi-billion dollar joint venture with Siemens Enterprise Communications, the complexities of their product and service offerings have expanded dramatically. As the company grew, their quoting and configuration software became cumbersome and difficult to support internally. This led them to the salesforce.com AppExchange to look for a solution. After a comprehensive vendor evaluation, Enterasys chose BigMachines, integrated with salesforce.com and SAP, to help their sales teams and channel partners generate quotes and service contract renewals, manage product configurations, and enter orders. BigMachines is deployed globally to Enterasys users in the US, Europe, and Asia. Using BigMachines pricing and workflow engine, Enterasys manages very complex pricing and approvals across multiple sales channels and partners, using multiple pricelists and more than ten different currencies.

Since implementing BigMachines, Enterasys has realized several key benefits:

  • Consolidation and elimination of multiple tools used in the sales process
  • Streamlined IT environment
  • Improved efficiency for salespeople who now get their quotes, get pricing approved, generate output documents and send orders into SAP all from one application
  • Support for multi-partner sales channel including a wide variety of pricelists

Enterasys Networks, Inc. delivers secure networks that ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT services and the business users that rely on them. It designs, deploys and supports integrated hardware and software solutions to respond to security threats. Its technology is designed to align the network with business objectives, drive operational efficiency and deliver industry leading security and support.

Thousands of enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions in more than 70 countries worldwide rely on Enterasys’ convergence, compliance and connectivity solutions to deliver businessoriented, identity-based visibility and control of individual user and application priority and security. Enterasys is part of a joint venture with Siemens Enterprise Communications led by The Gores Group, LLC. Its standards-based, open-architecture approach to network security offers a long technology lifecycle and significant operational and business benefits, while reducing total cost of ownership.

Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

A word from Enterasys Networks, Inc.

  • “BigMachines identified the disturbances in our process and found all the ways we could reduce error or automate our process. We felt BigMachines understood our business process better than we did.” - Ben Doyle, Director of IT Applications, Enterasys Networks, Inc.

Enterasys had developed a complicated homegrown quoting and configuration tool that no longer met their needs. According to Ben Doyle, director of IT applications for Enterasys, “We wanted to consolidate a number of point solutions that existed in our current sales quoting and configuration process so we began researching several vendors. We went to the salesforce.com Application Exchange and found BigMachines.”

“We looked at a number of vendors, but it became clear right away that BigMachines was the right choice for us,” continues Doyle. As part of their decision-making process, Enterasys participated in BigMachines’ Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis (BOA)SM. The BOA is an innovative approach for identifying substantial improvement opportunities in a company’s selling processes. The two-day BOA workshop helped Enterasys’ cross-functional team evaluate the need for business change to improve the front-end of its enterprise. BigMachines helped to identify opportunities to reduce selling, general and administrative costs, and to grow revenues based on Enterasys current sales and engineering processes.

“Before implementation we identified 20 point solutions in our quoting, pricing and configuration process. BigMachines helps us consolidate all those critical tools into one integrated system.”

“BigMachines spent a lot of time mapping out our existing processes and tools. It developed a cross functional diagram of how we did business. It was very compelling,” said Doyle. “BigMachines identified the disturbances in our process and found all the ways we could reduce error or automate our process. We felt BigMachines understood our business process better than we did. It was really a powerful experience. After the initial Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis, BigMachines helped solidify problems that it could solve for us in terms of eliminating our disparate tools.”

Business Benefits for Both Sales and IT

Implementation and Integration

Automating Renewals of Service Contracts

Increased Productivity and Shorter Sales Cycles




  • Current homegrown quoting and configuration tools difficult to maintain
  • Complex products, and services
  • Complex pricing and approvals across multiple channels
  • Multiple pricelists and currencies


Oracle Product and Services

  • BigMachines CPP (Configuration, Pricing, Proposal)
  • Product Selection
  • Pricing & Quote Management
  • Proposal Generation
  • Layout Generator with Drawing Schematics
  • Faster quotes and approvals
  • Automated service contract renewals
  • Single interface and integration to CRM and ERP systems
  • One quoting and configuration tool across all channels
  • Increased forecasting efficiency
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