Eroski Resolves IT-Incident Issues 75% Faster and Reduces Costs by Centralizing Service for 38,000 Internal Clients

Eroski Resolves IT-Incident Issues 75% Faster and Reduces Costs by Centralizing Service for 38,000 Internal Clients

  • Oracle Customer:  Eroski
    Location:  Elorrio, Spain
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  38,420
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

Eroski is a leading Spanish retail distribution group specializing in supermarkets and operating as a consumer cooperative. One-third of its employees are also shareholders who participate in corporate decision-making. Its core business is its supermarket chain, with more than 1,500 outlets in Spain, but it also runs 95 hypermarkets, 19 cash-and-carry wholesalers, 161 travel agencies, 64 gas stations, 39 sports stores, and 265 perfumeries.   

With more than 38,000 employees and employee-shareholders operating across such diverse fields, Eroski requires a team dedicated specifically to attending to inquiries from internal clients, including those involved in marketing and inventory strategies, maintenance, IT, and logistics operations. Its Servicio Integral Eficiente al Cliente (SIEC) branch, which oversees customer service for internal clients across all operations, was charged with revamping its decentralized, dispersed, and inefficient call centers. Its mission was to centralize internal customer care to accelerate average case resolution times and reduce costs while transforming the service from merely a call center to a service-oriented platform that highly satisfies its internal clients.




A word from Eroski

  • "Oracle Service Cloud solutions meet our needs for a service-oriented, cloud-based platform that requires no complex physical infrastructure. With our new, centralized approach, we resolve 21,000 cases a month and do so 75% faster than our initial estimates.” – Jose Enrique Rey Sanchez, SIEC Customer Service Manager, Eroski

  • Improve quality and cost effectiveness of customer service by centralizing the group’s platform for internal clients, including more than 38,000 employees and employee-shareholders from more than 1,500 supermarkets, 95 hypermarkets,19 cash-and-carry wholesalers, 161 travel agencies, 64 gas stations, 39 sports stores, and 265 perfumeries
  • Standardize response flows and enable case diagnostics to improve the first-level resolution rate and overall case-resolution times for diverse incidents related to marketing and inventory strategies, maintenance, IT, and logistics operations
  • Implement analysis tools to gain insight into the nature of and trends regarding internal customer management cases to continuously improve service and efficiency


Oracle Product and Services

  • Centralized previously disperse services—managed by different centers depending on the sector in which the caller operates—to resolve 21,000 cases a month via e-mail and phone in Spanish and Euskera
  • Implemented a clear incident-management workflow for the group’s more than 38,000 internal clients through logical scripting and proactive suggestions that guide the agent through resolution or escalation to the appropriate specialized agent
  • Resolved cases 75% faster, on average—in one day instead of more than four days—driving cost savings and improving customer satisfaction
  • Achieved a first-level resolution rate of 22%, exceeding its industry-benchmarked target of 20% for platforms handling similarly diverse cases for groups such as marketing and inventory strategies, maintenance, IT, and logistics incidents
  • Installed analysis dashboards to provide relevant data on contacts, cases, resolutions, and customer satisfaction in near real time for continuous improvements in service and efficiency
  • Administered post-resolution surveys to track customer satisfaction and general perception of the service to continue improvements
  • Achieved scalability to eventually add more languages and eventually extend access to the group’s external customers

Why Oracle

Eroski needed to replace its obsolete Computer Associates International Agentworks Advanced Help Desk system, which treated different types of incidents via separate call centers. It needed a robust, service-oriented, cloud-based solution.

Eroski evaluated the market options, choosing Oracle because it met functional, architectural, and financial criteria.

“With Oracle Service Cloud solutions, we easily integrated and configured a robust, cloud-based solution that matches our focus on customer satisfaction. Moreover, its analytics engine enables us to concentrate on evaluating relevant data rather than just gathering it,” said Rey Sanchez.

Implementation Process

Oracle Consulting assisted Eroski in choosing options, including Oracle Service Cloud Enterprise Contact Center Agent Desktop, Oracle Service Cloud Tier 1 Sessions, e-mails sent, web interfaces, and Oracle Cloud Priority Service to best meet its needs. SIEC presented the project to management in April 2012, and the solution went live in March 2013. 


IZO Consulting was responsible for a broader project to improve Eroski’s efficiency and presented this solution to Eroski. Telefónica was responsible for integrating the technological facet of the project, including Oracle and interactive intelligence.