Etisalat Nigeria Secures Revenue Growth and New Subscribers with Real-Time Data Analysis
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Etisalat Nigeria Secures Revenue Growth and New Subscribers with Real-Time Data Analysis

Etisalat Nigeria has seen unprecedented growth in the Nigerian telecoms industry. It made the first official call on its network in March 2008 and now has an active subscriber base of 15 million customers, generates 46,000 daily new activations, has daily revenues of around US$2 million, and has a 16% national market share. A 3.75G HPSA+ network enables Nigerians to enjoy superfast broadband services for both personal and business needs.

Etisalat Nigeria is part of Etisalat, a leading international telecommunications corporation, catering to consumers, businesses, international telecommunication companies, internet service providers, content providers, and mobile operators. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Etisalat group is the largest operator in the Middle East and Africa, operating in 18 countries across the region, with a coverage area that reaches more than two billion people. To date, the group’s global subscriber base exceeds over 140 million subscribers through mobile and fixed-line voice and data services. .




A word from Etisalat Nigeria

  • “Oracle Communications Data Model on Oracle Exadata improves our ability to quickly and efficiently retrieve and analyze data from a variety of sources. Transactional data is now processed extremely rapidly, taking about 45 minutes to process a full day’s data, representing a huge improvement compared to the eight hours it used to take to process the same amount. Oracle’s technology now allows us to offer customers relevant and personalized services, which we can make available very quickly.” – Ajibola Ajia, Manager, Business Intelligence, Development and Application Management, Etisalat Nigeria

  • Replace end-of-life HP server hardware with a low-cost, high-performance, scalable, dedicated database platform capable of delivering faster, more consistent and more accurate analysis of customer, revenue, and network management data, to improve business decision-making
  • Establish analytic models and dashboards specific to the telecommunications industry to accelerate data and voice network subscribers analyses, improve business decision-making, and meet regional telecommunications regulatory compliance
  • Improve insight into the tendency for telecommunications customer churn to drive improvements
  • Increase operational efficiency and support longer-term planning and scaling of communications service provision
  • Launch real-time telecommunications promotions and marketing campaigns to capitalize on customer needs and expand subscriber base


  • Adopted Oracle Communications Data Model on Oracle Exadata Database Machine to analyze data from more than 25 sources across multiple business areas, including customer, revenue, and network management systems—enabling management to react quickly to technology, regulatory, and business challenges in the prepaid and postpaid communications services markets
  • Deployed purpose-built communications service provider technology to ensure conformance certified with the industry's TM Forum’s Information Framework or shared information and data model standard, which fosters interoperability between multiple providers’ systems
  • Aggregated and analyzed operational data queries 116x faster—in just 62 seconds instead of two hours, enabling the company to load call detail records in near real time and expand insight into customer behavior and churn rates
  • Used Oracle Communications Data Model on Oracle Exadata to retrieve and analyze data from a variety of sources more efficiently, enabling daily transactional data to be processed in just 45 minutes, compared to eight hours prior to Oracle deployment
  • Deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, delivering a dynamic and proactive set of dashboards to display daily analytical data, such as active subscribers, churn rates, and activation rates, and gaining an accurate and actionable view of revenue expectations
  • Secured new communications service subscribers and maintained revenue growth through real-time promotions enabled by Oracle Communications Data Model on Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Improved fraud and system-flaw detection on the customer billing platform, allowing the carrier to run queries in just five minutes across customer records that the business could not even retain for sufficient periods, let alone interrogate using the previous infrastructure

Why Oracle

Etisalat Nigeria was looking for a more powerful solution to replace its HP server estate and older database deployment, when it first encountered the Oracle Exadata Database Machine at an industry show. The solution’s out-of-the-box, raw performance and scalability coupled with Oracle Communications Data Model’s industry-specific functionality were extremely compelling.

“We knew exactly what we needed to meet and exceed business demands for data, which drove us to assess a few service providers, including Oracle, who genuinely understood our needs, what we hoped to achieve, and how to advise us. I knew how hungry the business was for a new system that could cope with dozens of data sources, not just one. When Oracle said it could be up and running in just eight months, we committed to the idea. Oracle had everything we required—from Oracle Exadata’s uncomplicated, integrated approach, to Oracle Communications Data Model’s industry-specific functionality. Oracle solutions really fit the bill,” said Ajibola Ajia, manager, business intelligence, development and application management, Etisalat Nigeria.

Implementation Process

Etisalat Nigeria first conducted internal preparation work to get its old server estate and network environment ready for improvement. Oracle partner Bluechip Technologies installed Oracle Exadata Database Machine in just 48 hours with the help of Oracle South Africa. Full implementation, including deployment of Oracle Communications Data Model and Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, took just eight months. In contrast, the company’s legacy environment took more than two years to implement.


The government of Nigeria encourages its largest businesses to award large contracts, such as Etisalat Nigeria’s extensive systems integration project, to businesses headquartered in Nigeria or with a significant presence in the country. After careful evaluation, Etisalat Nigeria selected Oracle partner  Bluechip Technologies, based out of Lagos.

“Because Bluechip Technologies helped us to implement the solution in just eight months, we experienced benefits much sooner than expected. We chose a very good implementation partner, with an in-depth knowledge of the local telco-business intelligence practices and had great technology from Oracle, which created a winning combination,” Ajia said.