everis Significantly Reduces Total Cost of Storage Ownership, Gains Improved Scalability and Application Performance

everis Significantly Reduces Total Cost of Storage Ownership, Gains Improved Scalability and Application Performance

  • Oracle Customer:  everis
    Location:  Madrid, Spain
    Industry:  Professional Services
    Employees:  10,000
    Annual Revenue:  $500 Million to $1 Billion

everis is a multinational consulting company that offers business and strategy advice, transformational programs, solutions integration, business applications maintenance, and outsourcing services. An Oracle Platinum Partner, everis has created a division based on Oracle’s technology solutions, which combines all the Oracle services it offers to enhance its niche in the IT-specialization market. With this new structure, everis reinforced its position as a leading integrator of Oracle-based solutions. The company’s capacity for undertaking global IT projects, its highly qualified consultants with more than 1,000 certifications, and a patented methodology that allows it to share the experience it has gained in projects, have enabled everis to obtain the international ISO 9001:2008 certification related to quality management systems.




A word from everis

  • “Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 enabled us to consolidate databases and applications onto a single storage solution. We achieved outstanding Oracle E-Business Suite performance improvements that empower our staff to concentrate their efforts on system enhancements and new functionalities for our corporate information technology. The total cost of ownership is now significantly reduced, compared to other storage solutions that we were using as production environments.” – Jaume Mira Rico, CTO, everis

  • Overcome storage limitations by deploying a modular platform to support Oracle E-Business Suite—one of the company’s core systems—enabling everis to quickly identify and allocate specialized consultants to every project
  • Ensure storage scalability and flexibility to meet the projection for doubling its data volume in the next two years while maintaining high system and applications performance
  • Create a robust storage foundation for intranet, e-mail, and content management systems to ensure data availability, information system stability, and quick entry into production
  • Decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) by integrating disparate storage technologies into a single storage platform, reducing data-on-disk volume, equipment cost, and maintenance effort


  • Reduced storage TCO significantly by deploying Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage system—with its ability to dynamically provision storage resources and ensure that critical business applications perform optimally under any load condition—as the foundation for Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, intranet, corporate e-mail, and content management, instead of using separate storage systems for each enterprise application
  • Increased the service quota for corporate e-mail by 5x, thanks to Pillar Axiom 600’s ease of scalability
  • Improved productivity by centralizing storage management for all business-critical systems on an intuitive user interface, allowing everis to focus fewer resources on internal systems
  • Gained the ability to scale the storage environment rapidly and cost-effectively with Pillar Axiom’s modular architecture, which enables the organization to add storage bricks within just minutes and supports everis in expanding its services to new markets without further investment
  • Ensured high levels of redundancy with dual active/active controllers and fault-tolerant power supplies that help the company measure up to strict uptime expectations that a technology expert must meet to maintain market reputation—a crucial element for the success of any consultant

Why Oracle

As a professional consultancy and systems integrator, everis is intimately familiar with numerous providers—including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, EMC, and VMware—and has the expertise to choose the best storage solution for its needs. Pillar Axiom storage system proved to be the ideal solution for everis’ storage consolidation initiatives and virtualized infrastructure projects, as it provides industry-leading capacity utilization without sacrificing application and storage performance.

“We selected Oracle due to its broad array of integrated-systems offerings that are optimized to work together. With Oracle E-Business Suite running on Oracle Database and Pillar Axiom, we are seeing increased application performance, higher IT productivity, and reduced total cost of ownership. Plus, as our business grows and our needs expand, Oracle's varied software and hardware offerings are likely to address future needs. Oracle is a vendor that delivers optimized solutions in a simplified manner,” said Jaume Mira Rico, CTO, everis.

“We chose Oracle Pillar Axiom because of its modular design, which enables independent additions of storage capacity and allows us to meet current needs while ensuring scalability with minimal extra investment. Of course, its lower costs—compared to storage systems with similar performance ratios—also play in its favor.”