Fiat Group Automobiles Aligns Operational Decisions with Strategy by Using End-to-End Enterprise Performance Management System

Fiat Group Automobiles Aligns Operational Decisions with Strategy by Using End-to-End Enterprise Performance Management System

Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. is a global group with a clear focus on the automobile sector. Through its various businesses, it designs, produces, and sells automobiles and related components and production systems. Fiat was one of the founders of the European car industry, and today, as a result of its partnership with Chrysler, it has a manufacturing and commercial base of sufficient scale to compete as a global automaker.




A word from Fiat Group Automobiles SpA

  • "Oracle Hyperion solutions enable us to integrate business and financial management cycles and various data coming from back-office systems, ultimately helping to improve the timeliness, accuracy, detail, and reliability of information available to our decision-makers." – Pierpaolo Veglio, Information and Communication Technology Finance, Commercial Control, Fiat Group Automobiles

  • Replace a l0-year-old, obsolete, legacy system with a global, best-of-breed solution that supports process integration across countries and business functions
  • Implement a new system to meet new business requirements, such as control and reporting views, integration, data usability, pricing, and incentive simulations for pricing new and used vehicles and spare parts


  • Worked with TechEdge SpA to enable cross-analysis of data for commercial product and market features (for examples, motors, power capacity, and vehicle options) 
  • Enabled the company to define cost forecasts and budget, at the same time enabling employees to save time and concentrate on commercial, strategic activities
  • Reduced manual work on spreadsheets, thanks to the new integrated system’s reduction in data entry errors
  • Implemented Oracle Hyperion Financial Management as a unified platform for managing statutory consolidation, management, and group treasury reporting activities in less time and at a higher level of detail
  • Moved financial information from a third-party, obsolete accounting system to Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, and gained the ability to trace and audit data regarding the entire range of products―from assembled vehicles, to spare parts
  • Expanded Fiat's income statement to include a more detailed view of dealer sales to final customers (for example, including numbers of car registrations)  
  • Obtained a single, user-friendly tool for vehicle pricing and incentives, enabling all company’s divisions (finance, sales, and marketing) to engage in dialogue using the same system
  • Enabled the marketing department to simulate and verify sales volumes and costs, based on product configurations using Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Moved from a client solution that was based on individual users’ PCs to a Web-accessible solution, improving the level of security

Implementation Process

Oracle partner TechEdge SpA and Fiat’s finance department closely collaborated on the implementation of Oracle’s enterprise performance management solutions to effectively determine all the steps and schedules required for the project, and ensured they were completely aligned with the business units and their changing requirements.


“We chose TechEdge to support our implementation because of its expertise with the Oracle solutions and in the automotive sector. These factors enabled us to accelerate operational support of the project and develop a deep analysis of our business needs,” said Pierpaolo Veglio, information and communication technology finance, commercial control, Fiat Group Automobiles.
The TechEdge team consisted of highly-specialized, system-integration consultants with strong expertise in Oracle Hyperion and business intelligence implementations.