Fluid-e Builds a Collaborative Supply Chain Portal—Helps Food Manufacturers Increase Sales by 5% and Reduces Transport Costs by 60%

Fluid-e Builds a Collaborative Supply Chain Portal—Helps Food Manufacturers Increase Sales by 5% and Reduces Transport Costs by 60%

A new player on the consumer goods market, Fluid-e provides a business-to-business (B2B) collaborative platform that connects manufacturers, wholesalers, e-commerce providers, and retailers, so they can optimize supply chain processes in real time. Using Oracle solutions and a software as a service delivery model, the collaborative platform allows the food manufacturers and retailers of the ARIA Poitou Charentes Association, a regional food industry organization, to offer consumers quality products at the right time and at the right price throughout the year.




A word from Fluid-e

  • "Thanks to Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions, we quickly provided the ARIA Poitou Charentes association of food manufacturers and retailers with a highly available collaborative portal, delivered via the cloud. The portal allows more than 20 food product suppliers to access new distribution channels and increase their sales." – Maël Barraud, CEO, Fluid-e

  • Facilitate collaboration between regional food producers and retail-chains who are members of the ARIA Poitou Charentes Association to improve distribution channels for local products and increase sale revenues via a highly collaborative and accessible, B2B, cloud-based platform
  • Boost production of regional products—such as cheese, seafood, and cold cuts—and allow suppliers to increase their sales through access to new distribution channels—including hypermarkets and supermarkets, such as Auchan and SuperU, while optimizing delivery schedules and transport costs
  • Encourage sustainable development and reduce transportation carbon emissions through shared logistics
  • Increase the support of other manufacturers, producers, and distributors for the collaborative project and develop this B2B approach in other regions of France to distribute all types of consumer goods


  • Used Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions to create and launch—in just six months—a new, cloud-based, B2B collaborative portal, allowing 20 food manufacturing companies and retailers of the ARIA Poitou Charentes Association to offer quality food products while controlling costs of transportation and goods
  • Enabled 50 food-product suppliers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and transporters to optimize management of product catalogs, orders, deliveries, and delivery follow-ups
  • Allowed retail chains to process their orders daily using a single instance of Oracle Database, and to increase availability to better satisfy consumer demand
  • Improved service of retail chains with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition’s ability to generate indicators regarding each store’s product availability and transportation costs, to adjust production in response to consumer demand
  • Enabled food producers to distribute their products in large retail chains and hypermarkets and increase their sales by 5% through the use of the collaborative portal, which is based on Oracle’s technologies
  • Helped manufacturers reduce transportation costs by 40% to 60%, on average, and cut carbon emissions by 50% by using pooled and local delivery services managed via the portal
  • Gained the ability to automate logistical processes for 50 midsize enterprises, including supermarkets, shippers, and producers, with Oracle B2B and electronic data interchange functions, integrated within Oracle SOA Suite, eliminating the need to manage orders and deliveries by through phone calls, faxes, and paper use
  • Created a highly reliable and scalable B2B platform with plans to integrate 20 new retailers and 10 manufacturers into the portal

Why Oracle

“We selected Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management for process applications to build our new Supply Chain portal. We made the strategic choice of capitalizing on a single technology platform to ensure the rapid development of collaborative portals that are appropriate for distributing any type of products. With the reliable Oracle infrastructure in place, our customers are now confident about externalizing their supply chain processes on the cloud, and this allows us to better serve them while growing our business,” said Maël Barraud, CEO Fluid-e.