Fonecta Halves Database Maintenance Costs, Cuts Data Processing Time by 30%, and Reduces Database Servers by 66%
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Fonecta Halves Database Maintenance Costs, Cuts Data Processing Time by 30%, and Reduces Database Servers by 66%

  • Oracle Customer:  Fonecta
    Location:  Helsinki, Finland
    Industry:  Professional Services
    Employees:  1,000
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

Part of the European Directories Group, Fonecta is a Finnish company offering search, telephone directory, and Yellow Pages services for consumers, as well as digital media and customer relationship management services for enterprises.

Fonecta, which has 100,000 enterprise customers, provides consumer search services by phone, on the web, and via mobile applications. Users access Fonecta’s consumer search services 2.5 million times a day and 30 times per second.




A word from Fonecta

  • “Oracle Exadata Database Machine is an extremely reliable and powerful solution for all of our data storage and sharing needs. It helps us to cut IT costs and provides a consolidated, ready-made platform for data warehousing,” – Tapio Lautanala, IT Manager, Database Team, Fonecta

  • Improve database performance and accelerate nightly batch runs of changed telephone number and directory data
  • Increase agility by enabling sharing consumer, enterprise, and directory data stored in different databases between sales, marketing, customer service, and customer segmentation staff
  • Eliminate data conversions from one database to another to save IT work time
  • Enhance data availability for in-house data analysts to accelerate business analyses
  • Free IT resources from routine database maintenance work to focus on development


Oracle Product and Services

  • Cut number of database servers 66% by consolidating all databases onto a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine, reducing floorspace costs and IT complexity
  • Reduced time spent on database maintenance by 50%, cutting database maintenance costs in half
  • Reduced processing time by 30% and shortened overnight batch runs of telephone number and directory data by 50%, optimizing server capacity for other jobs and analyses
  • Freed IT staff members to focus on developing the company’s consumer, media, and customer relationship management services instead of managing routine extract, transfer, and load operations
  • Provided better data availability for in-house data analysts, who can now use a single SQL query to access, combine, and share enterprise, operator, and consumer data from a consolidated database
  • Provided a ready-made platform with robust data warehousing properties for implementing future, enterprisewide, data warehouse solutions
  • Cut IT costs with Oracle Premium Support, which, for an annual free, automatically updates software
  • Worked with Miracle Finland Oy to implement Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Why Oracle

Fonecta selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine because of its positive experience with Oracle Database, on which the company had built a legacy business system.

“We used Oracle Database for 15 years and were confident in its performance and reliability. We were in the market for new hardware, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, with its optimized software and hardware, was a clear choice for us,” said Tapio Lautanala, IT manager, database team, Fonecta. 

Implementation Process

Fonecta installed Oracle Exadata Database Machine at the end of June 2012, migrated data to Exadata without problems, and was live by September 2012.


Fonecta retained Miracle Finland to configure Oracle Exadata Database Machine and migrate databases to the engineered system.

“We selected Miracle Finland because of its expertise with Oracle Exadata,” Lautanala said.
“Exadata has been a very stable and scalable platform for Fonecta’s databases. The Oracle Exadata installation and database migration from the previous three-node Oracle Real Application Clusters environment was a straightforward process. Fonecta’s databases have performed extremely well on Oracle Exadata with very little tuning,” said Tuomas Pystynen, database consultant, Miracle Finland.