Ford Lio Ho Motor Co. Consolidates Six Servers and Two Storage Systems into a Single Database Platform, Halves Maintenance Costs
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Ford Lio Ho Motor Co. Consolidates Six Servers and Two Storage Systems into a Single Database Platform, Halves Maintenance Costs

Established in 1972, Ford Lio Ho Motor Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Li Ho Group, specializing in Ford and Mazda automobile dealerships. Headquartered in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, the company developed a car dealer management system in 2003, which it called AutoDMS. This system supports showrooms and maintenance workshops with functional modules, including finance, customer relationship management, and after-sales, service applications.

In 2012, to uphold the company’s Go Further motto, Ford Lio Ho Motor launched a five-year plan to improve customer service and quality control. Its aging IT infrastructure needed a comprehensive overhaul to meet the demands of the AutoDMS system and the five-year plan.




A word from Ford Lio Ho Motor Co., Ltd.

  • “We selected Oracle Database Appliance for its high performance, reliability, and scalability at a lower investment cost. It halved system maintenance costs, improved response times, increased data processing speed, and enhanced customers’ data access, thereby enriching their experience.” –Hsu Chia-Jung, Manager, IT Department, Ford Lio Ho Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Consolidate six, legacy, HP servers and two EMC storage hardware systems into an integrated database platform to improve system performance and reliability
  • Reduce annual maintenance cost significantly for existing database and storage area network (SAN) to lower the investment in the system
  • Improve response time and data loading to reach maximum capacity, enabling faster reporting capabilities for car sales and full usage of car-dealer-management system functionality, in addition to minimizing user complaints
  • Ensure the new hardware environment is compatible with customized car-dealer software, minimizing risks and costs for rewriting the management system
  • Simplify system maintenance and reduce burden on database administrators


Oracle Product and Services

  • Halved system maintenance costs after consolidating three 32-bit and three 64-bit HP servers and two sets of EMC storage equipment into a single database platform by using Oracle Database Appliance
  • Shortened deployment time from one to two weeks to three to four hours by standardizing on a product from a single vendor with pre-optimized systems, significantly reducing deployment risks and cost
  • Cut daily average data loading time by 75% and decreased peak-hour loading time by 62%, enabling faster data processing
  • Reduced data backup time by 40%—from 20 hours to 12 hours—optimizing storage capacity and cutting costs
  • Improved staff efficiency by decreasing time to run SQL statement from five-and-a-half hours to two hours, and reducing loading time during operation from 40% to 15%
  • Enhanced user satisfaction by enabling full usage of car dealer system functionality, including report output, instead of only generating new car sales statistics at the end of each month, thanks to faster system response time from Oracle Database Appliance
  • Increased environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption and minimized computer floor space by implementing Oracle Database Appliance
  • Simplified database management by consolidating embedded storage equipment and network switches into a single machine
  • Reduced data migration risk by seamlessly integrating existing Oracle Database for car dealer system into Oracle Database Appliance

Why Oracle

Ford Lio Ho Motor originally planned to update its storage equipment to resolve performance issues for its AutoDMS car dealer system. The company decided to implement Oracle Database Appliance due to its high performing, reliable, and scalable database platform at a lower investment cost. 

“We have been using Oracle Database for years, and our management had great confidence that Oracle Database Appliance could deliver the higher performance that we required for our car dealer system, at a reasonable cost. It is a perfect fit because we could easily deploy the system with minimal risk and costs,” said Hsu Chia-Jung, manager, IT department, Ford Lio Ho Motor Co., Ltd.

Implementation Process

In March and June 2012, Ford Lio Ho Motor facilitated two proofs of concept to collect performance data and confirm compatibility with the car dealer system.

With assistance from Oracle Consulting, Ford Lio Ho Motor migrated data to Oracle Database Appliance in September 2012. The Ford dealer database went live in October 2012, and the Mazda dealer database came online in December 2012.