Fujitsu Systems East Helps Retrieve Pertinent Data from Hundreds of Thousands E-mails in Just One Second, Through Fast and Secure E-mail System
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Fujitsu Systems East Helps Retrieve Pertinent Data from Hundreds of Thousands E-mails in Just One Second, Through Fast and Secure E-mail System

Fujitsu Systems East Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Fujitsu Group, created on April 1, 2012. The company provides a one-stop shop for business and IT services, including system integration, operations and outsourcing, business and IT planning and consultation, and industry and business software development. It employs around 4,500 system engineers.

Fujitsu Systems East’s software package development service enables businesses to quickly and easily build fast and reliable IT systems at a low cost. The company wanted to develop secure, scalable, cost-effective, and high-performing e-mail software to store and manage millions of e-mails and attachments.

Fujitsu Systems East developed its new SYNCDOT business e-mail software by embedding MySQL Standard Edition for database management. The company can now provide customers with a variety of e-mail system options to meet their needs, including SYNCDOT WebMailer, SYNCDOT MailKeeperPRO, SYNCDOT MailKeeper EE, SYNCDOT MailSuite, and SYNCDOT+ cloud e-mail service. SYNCDOT is currently used by approximately 500 companies, including financial institutions and local governments that require robust data security.

Using MySQL, Fujitsu Systems East’s customers can securely and reliably store and manage large volumes of e-mail data in a private or public cloud, or onsite. Users can now retrieve a single e-mail from hundreds of thousands of others in just one second.




A word from Fujitsu Systems East Ltd.

  • “MySQL retrieves data significantly faster than PostgresSQL, especially when handling large volumes of data contained in millions of e-mails. We can now provide our customers with secure and scalable business e-mail software that is second to none in the market, enabling them to retrieve a single e-mail from hundreds of thousands of others in just one second.” – Akihiko Koyama, Director, SYNCDOT Solutions Department, Support Services Division, IT Solutions Unit, Fujitsu Systems East Ltd.

  • Develop a secure, scalable, cost-effective, and high-performing business e-mail system
  • Create a fast search function that enables users to quickly and easily search through large volumes of data
  • Ensure the software can scale to store and manage millions of e-mails and attachments as customers’ companies grow
  • Allow customers to monitor e-mail traffic to improve staff accountability, deter the use of private e-mail, and ensure company information is secure 
  • Provide cloud- and onsite-based e-mail options with different outsourcing and cost structures to meet various customer needs


Oracle Product and Services

  • Enabled users to search for and retrieve one specific e-mail from hundreds of thousands in just one second
  • Patented high-speed, scroll technology that enables users to very quickly scroll through e-mails, even when using a Web browser, which wouldn’t have been possible without MySQL’s fast search capabilities
  • Allowed a large research institute to quickly and easily use e-mail to transmit big data, such as video files, between more than 10,000 registered e-mail users
  • Ensured the institute can store a high volume of e-mail correspondence with large attachments by using MySQL, rather than individual databases
  • Enhanced data security by enabling users to search for and access data from anywhere on any device via e-mail, eliminating the risk of losing paper documents or data stored on PCs
  • Provided a highly secure e-mail system that enables customers to identify forbidden words or addresses, and authorize and encrypt e-mails according to their company security policy before sending
  • Met diverse customer needs by providing a low-cost e-mail system in a public cloud, an outsourced private cloud system that includes operational costs, and an onsite system for companies with larger budgets
  • Ensured the e-mail software meets the requirements of growing companies, by providing high reliability and scalability at a low cost using Web-based management
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing user interfaces in Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, and Korean as standard
  • Reduced the need for in-house system administration training, as company technicians are already trained in Japanese programming language, Ruby

Why Oracle

Fujitsu Systems East wanted its SYNCDOT system to provide robust, secure e-mail storage and management, and handle millions of e-mails and attachments. The company therefore required a solution that could search large volumes of data quickly.

“It was essential we embed a high-performing, scalable database, so users could conduct fast searches without feeling the system was under stress,” said Akihiko Koyama, director, SYNCDOT solutions department, support services division, IT solutions unit, Fujitsu Systems East Ltd.

Fujitsu Systems East compared PostgreSQL and MySQL, but selected the latter for its stronger data retrieval performance.

“MySQL was the obvious choice as it was significantly faster when handling large data volumes,” said Koyama. “When selecting software, it is important that you ascertain how performance changes under strict conditions, such as an increase in data volumes. PostgreSQL’s performance peaked at a few hundred thousand e-mails but MySQL’s performance never waned. MySQL also had a reasonable licensing fee for an embedded database.

“Since choosing MySQL, our research institute customer has compared various products and found our SYNCDOT system second to none,” said Koyama. “The institute offered high praise for MySQL, so we now make it clear in our catalogs that we use it.

“We can also confidently recommend the SYNCDOT system to any business, as we know it performs well, even with 10,000 e-mail users,” he said.

Implementation Process

Fujitsu Systems East began a feasibility study into the development of its SYNCDOT system in 2003. After selecting MySQL, the company began developing SYNCDOT MailKeeperPRO in March 2005 and SYNCDOT MailSuite in May 2005, followed by SYNCDOT WebMailer in April 2007, and SYNCDOT MailKeeper EE in October 2008.

The company plans to upgrade all the SYNCDOT products with MySQL 5.5 in late 2013. It will also release version 3 of its SYNCDOT MailDefender.

“MailDefender is a ‘lite’ version of MailKeeper EE,” said Koyama. “Whereas MailKeeper EE can be used to audit large financial institutions, MailDefender has easier to use functions for standard companies.”

Fujitsu Systems East has now established a framework for expanding SYNCDOT’s functions, and improving system performance and operational efficiency even further.

“The MySQL database structure has optimal functionality and performance to meet all our needs,” said Koyama. “We can also use the experience and knowledge gained from developing earlier SYNCDOT versions.

“MySQL is indispensable to SYNCDOT,” he said. “With Oracle’s support, we have great expectations for its future performance and manageability.”