GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland Trains Users to Meet 95% of Business Needs with Standard Functionality, Lowers Support Costs, and Sees ROI in Six Months
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GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland Trains Users to Meet 95% of Business Needs with Standard Functionality, Lowers Support Costs, and Sees ROI in Six Months

GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland provides gas, electricity, and energy services to business customers in the Netherlands. Around 20% of the electricity generated in the Netherlands comes from modern production sites. GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland invests in renewable energy sources, such as biomass and wind energy and collaborates with customers and partners on energy saving and sustainable energy solutions. The company is part of GDF SUEZ Group, one of the world’s biggest energy companies.

GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland saw a return on investment in less than six months by using Oracle University to train IT and business users on the advanced functionality of Oracle Utilities Quotations Management following its upgrade to version Application developers can now meet 95% of business requirements using standard Oracle functionality, which has reduced software customizations and cut upgrade costs. Customer service reports, which were created manually, are now generated automatically using standard functionality. The IT team no longer needs to carry out manual system checks every morning and evening as automated alerts are generated if performance falls below a preset threshold. GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland requires fewer resources to maintain Oracle Utilities Quotations Manager, which enables its IT experts to spend more time on innovation and supporting the company’s end users.

GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland was using Oracle Utilities Quotations Manager to streamline preparation of quotations for retail and wholesale customers, reduce selling costs, and calculate pricing strategies to optimize profit margins. The company had relied on customizations and third-party applications to add new functionality to processes to meet its specific needs. Incorporating customized tools and building new interfaces had led to high development costs each time the company upgraded. Manual dependencies resulted in longer process cycles and higher administration costs.

GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland decided to upgrade to Oracle Utilities Quotations Management to benefit from the most up-to-date industry best practice. The company also wanted to meet more of its needs from standard functionality to improve processes and cut costs.

Oracle University trained five IT team members and 11 business users in how to configure Oracle Utilities Quotations Manager to meet their needs while decreasing resources needed to maintain the application. The five-day, on-site course was tailored to the precise needs of the company and individual trainees and delivered by an Oracle consultant who was familiar with GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland’s environment. Technical and business users were trained together in each functional area, giving both parties a better understanding of each other’s needs. The course ensured that both sets of users were aware of the Oracle assets at their disposal and knew how to use them to deliver prompt quotations to customers, interpret automated alerts, and generate standard reports, which has maximized value to the company.

A word from GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland B.V.

  • "The training from Oracle University generated a return on investment in less than six months by helping us automate processes, instill more efficient working practices, improve user productivity, and lower IT support costs." – Hans Zweers, Country Account Manager, Netherlands, GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland B.V.



Why Oracle

GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland chose Oracle University for the unrivalled Oracle knowledge of its consultants to adapt training media and methodologies to individual customer and trainee requirements. As the premier provider of training for Oracle customers, Oracle University has extensive experience in training companies in the oil and gas sector and is one of the largest corporate training organizations in the world. Oracle University also provided digital course material for future reference. The training took place in a classroom setting, enabling trainees to practice their new skills before applying them to the production environment. The five training days were not consecutive and team members could practice what they had learned before progressing to the next steps.

"Our trainer was very knowledgeable about Oracle Utilities Quotations Management and our business needs and was able to adapt the course content to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced users," said Hans Zweers, country account manager, Netherlands, GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland B.V. "The training was customized to our exact needs, which enabled us to put our new knowledge and skills into practice immediately."