Gemeente Ridderkerk Improves Licensing Knowledge Following Detailed Review
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Gemeente Ridderkerk Improves Licensing Knowledge Following Detailed Review

  • Oracle Customer:  Gemeente Ridderkerk
    Location:  Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
    Industry:  Public Sector
    Employees:  320
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

Gemeente Ridderkerk is the governing body for the City of Ridderkerk in The Netherlands. The organization’s IT department supports the city in providing a wide range of public services, from waste management and library services through to benefit administration and road maintenance.

Gemeente Ridderkek has been an Oracle customer since the 1980s, using Oracle Database for a stable, reliable platform on which to run a variety of applications, including those for administering various benefit applications, drivers' licenses, assistance for the disabled, and more. In addition, the organization runs its back-office financial application on Oracle Database.

Gemeente Ridderkerk was selected by Oracle for a regular licensing review, and agreed to work with Oracle License Management Services partner Comparex to carry out the project. Comparex discovered that the organization had one license too many, and one too few, which was immediately rectified to ensure compliance. Gemeente Ridderkerk also gained valuable knowledge about the Oracle licensing processes which will help them to make more informed IT purchasing decisions in the future.

“Our knowledge of Oracle licensing has improved enormously, and we are now much better informed for the future. We are currently talking to Oracle about licensing possibilities for operating shared services with other city administrations, and this review has provided us with an excellent starting point,” said René Hoogendoorn, IT manager, Gemeente Ridderkerk.

A word from Gemeente Ridderkerk

  • "The Oracle license review process should be seen as an opportunity, not only to understand your licensing position, but also to gain valuable knowledge of how Oracle licensing works." – René Hoogendoorn, IT Manager, Gemeente Ridderkerk




  Gemeente Ridderkerk worked with Oracle License Management Services partner Comparex to undertake a detailed review of its Oracle licensing. The process, including four face-to-face meetings, took two months to complete, from initial agreement, through the final report.

“We had worked with the Comparex consultant previously, so it was very beneficial to work with someone who already had a good understanding of our business. This was the first license review we had undertaken, and my initial reaction was one of concern, but Comparex did an excellent job of walking us through the process,” Hoogendoorn said.

“I was very pleased with how the whole project was run, and in future, I would work with Comparex again. The process was clear, and the Comparex Oracle License Management Services consultant was very helpful and explained exactly what needed to be done. Overall, the license review left a good impression of Oracle and its License Management Services partner,” Hoogendoorn said.