GENBAND Saves US$1.25 Million Annually with Automated Global Trade Management, Gains Compliance Assurance
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GENBAND Saves US$1.25 Million Annually with Automated Global Trade Management, Gains Compliance Assurance

GENBAND is a global provider of internet protocol (IP) infrastructure solutions, enabling service and content providers around the world to evolve communications through IP innovation. The company, which offers market-leading switching, applications, networking, and service solutions, has products deployed in more than 600 customer networks, including 80 of the world’s largest telecommunications operators.

GENBAND ships its sophisticated communications products to more than 50 countries, and this created complex global trade management challenges. In 2010, the company acquired Nortel Carrier Voice and Application Services (CVAS), significantly expanding its operations. It required a more robust global trade management solution and looked to replace its outsourced, hosted solution. It selected Oracle Global Trade Management, which it deployed on-premise, and significantly improved global-trade-management efficiency and accuracy and gained the ability to adapt flexibly to changing requirements. The company also reduced risk through automated screening rules and document enforcement.

GENBAND is saving US$1.25 million annually with the new trade management solution. This includes US$100,000 in savings, thanks to automated classification, which reduces the need for an external services provider, and a US$650,000 reduction in staff time spent on import and export screening and document creation.

In addition, the company deployed Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 following its Nortel CVAS acquisition to integrate the organizations and unify finance, order management, and supply chain systems across the enterprise.




A word from GENBAND

  • “Oracle Global Trade Management has proven to be a reliable solution for trade automation. The ROI we have already realized has been remarkable. As a global CIO, I have seen a number of enterprise solutions that either delivered empty promises or disappointing ROI. I would select Oracle Global Trade Management if I had the decision to make again.”‒ Darrin Whitney, Chief Information Officer, GENBAND

  • Accelerate and ensure license screening accuracy for the company’s diverse IP infrastructure solutions that it ships to more than 50 countries
  • Gain a flexible global trade management solution that can meet evolving needs and facilitate compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements that impact the export of sensitive communications technology
  • Unify finance, order management, inventory, and supply chain systems onto a single unified application platform following GENBAND’s acquisition of Nortel’s CVAS division
  • Make it as easy as possible for customers to do business with GENBAND


  • Deployed Oracle Global Trade Management and improved trade management efficiency and accuracy while adapting flexibly to changing requirements for the more than 50 countries to which GENBAND exports its sophisticated communications equipment
  • Gained the ability to react more agilely and effectively to trade issues than it could with the legacy solution
  • Reduced compliance risk through automated screening rules and document enforcement
  • Saved US$1.25 million annually with the new trade management solution, including a US$100,000 savings, thanks to automated classification, which reduces the need for an external services provider; a US$650,000 reduction in staff time for import and export screening and document creation; and US$500,000 saved by replacing the legacy hosted solution with an on-premise deployment
  • Reduced broker rekeying fees by using electronic feeds, a capability that Oracle Global Trade Management supports
  • Improved ability to respond rapidly to customer and customs document requests, through user-friendly document management capabilities
  • Benefitted from Oracle Global Trade Management’s ship-suspend capability, which enables manufacturing to continue on an order that does not immediately pass screening but puts a hold on ship-confirm until the issue is resolved
  • Automated classification and screening of export license determinations and assignments, country of origin, restricted party and embargo lists, and enhanced proliferation control initiative (covering anti-boycotting and more)
  • Gained the ability to automatically generate six global shipping documents―including the commercial shipping invoice, shipper export declaration, shipper instruction letter, Caribbean Community documentation, Canadian B-13A, and packing list, which can include homologation data as required
  • Deployed Oracle E-Business Suite applications for finance, order management, inventory, supply chain, and project management to create an integrated and highly scalable enterprise resource planning foundation following the acquisition of Nortel CVAS assets
  • Streamlined the order-to-cash process with integrated Oracle applications that support the company’s efforts to recognize revenue in line with new requirements for the telecommunications industry
  • Enabled GENBAND to support a multiple-organization, multiple-consolidation model
  • Gained the ability to quickly consolidate future acquisitions and report on a single set of operating books with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
  • Standardized on a single version of truth and enabled the company to decommission more than 300 applications from the Nortel environment, substantially reducing costs and complexity