Gina Tricot Improves E-Commerce Availability, Stability, and Security While Reducing Costs
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Gina Tricot Improves E-Commerce Availability, Stability, and Security While Reducing Costs

  • Oracle Customer:  Gina Tricot AB
    Location:  Borås, Sweden
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  2,000
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

Gina Tricot AB is one of Sweden's most rapidly growing retail companies and the fastest growing fashion retailer for women in Scandinavia. The retailer is a family-owned fashion chain, and sells its products online across Europe to reach consumers in more than 28 countries. The company’s clothing collection targets women of all ages and includes tailored outerwear, jeans, and party attire. The retailer is focused on continuing to grow its brand internationally.




A word from Gina Tricot AB

  • “With MySQL Enterprise Edition, we have minimized the risk of disruptions to our e-commerce site and therefore saved a tremendous amount of money. We feel very confident in the solution, as it is capable of managing the company's rapid expansion, now and in the future.” – Nicklas Griphem, Manager Server & Infrastructure, Gina Tricot AB

  • Replace Gina Tricot’s existing e-commerce database solution to increase availability, stability, and security and meet online sales demands to support business growth
  • Enable simple and effective database monitoring to detect problems instantly, as well as to proactively resolve potential issues
  • Minimize e-commerce downtime to reduce maintenance costs and limit lost revenue due to database issues
  • Choose a solution that includes a service agreement—which the old solution did not have—and that can reduce the risk of disruptions to handle a large increase in sales of fashion products and clothes, such as shirts, sweaters, and tops


  • Upgraded to MySQL Enterprise Edition to increase the availability, stability, and security of the company’s business-critical e-commerce site and facilitate fashion product and clothing sales 24 hours a day
  • Implemented MySQL Enterprise Monitor to detect where database problems have arisen or may arise, and reduce the risk of errors that could negatively impact the e-commerce platform
  • Deployed MySQL Enterprise Backup to decrease data loss and error risk by delivering online backups
  • Minimized interruption to e-commerce—and resulting revenue loss—due to database issues, since even a short interruption could lose many new customers
  • Laid a solid foundation for handling a continuous, strong growth in e-commerce sales through the high scalability of the database
  • Streamlined operation of the e-commerce site by reducing the risk of disruptions through MySQL Enterprise Edition’s service agreement


Oracle partner Emineo AB faciliated the upgrade to the new database solution on time and on schedule, while also limiting downtime.