Godfrey Phillips India Improves Business Reporting by 50% and Reduces IT Costs After Consolidating Databases onto Engineered System
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Godfrey Phillips India Improves Business Reporting by 50% and Reduces IT Costs After Consolidating Databases onto Engineered System

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. (Godfrey Phillips), a flagship company of KK Modi Group, is one of India’s largest premier tobacco manufacturers and a distributor in the cigarette industry. The company’s India operations span the country, with prominence in northern and western part of India and recent forays into West Bengal and countries South of India.

Godfrey Phillips manufactures some of India’s most popular cigarette brands, like FS1, Four Square, Red and White, Cavanders and Tipper. It manufactures and distributes the iconic brand Marlboro under a license agreement with Philip Morris, successfully launched the Symphony and Super Cup Tea City brands, and is active in the highly competitive confectionary segment with Fundamint and Fundagoli. Godfrey Phillips India has also spread its footprint into international markets. Today, its international division collaborates with some of the top players in the global tobacco industry.




A word from Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

  • “We chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine for its unique offering of a single point of contact through its combined hardware and software solution. It has improved our business performance, slashed invoicing time by 84%, and reduced the time for daily reporting by 50%. Oracle Exadata Database Machine has strategically positioned us with the business agility we need to achieve further savings and performance benefits in the next five years.” – Venkata Rao, CIO, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

  • Improve decision-making by enabling faster access to reliable, accurate sales; manufacturing; and production data across multiple applications, such as inventory management and reporting
  • Increase speed and accuracy of business processes through tools, such as daily stock, inventory, invoicing, tobacco sales and production reports
  • Consolidate servers and databases into an integrated hardware and software platform for tobacco, tea, pan masala, and confectionary manufacturing to improve operational efficiency and reduce operational costs


  • Created reports—such as for auto invoicing, daily sales tax, debtors and creditors ledgers—up to 50% faster, delivering real-time business intelligence to staff and enabling faster business decisions with Oracle E-Business Suite and Agile Product Lifecycle applications running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Cut inventory reporting times by 50%, enabling faster and more accurate production schedules for tobacco, tea, and confectionary products
  • Gained the ability to create invoices 84% faster—in just one minute instead of six minutes—by implementing a high-performing database machine to manage multiple applications, such as human resources, inventory management, and reporting
  • Deployed a single database machine solution for tobacco, tea, Twenty Four Seven convenience stores, and confectionary manufacturing business units by consolidating databases onto one platform, streamlining vendor management and reducing costs
  • Cut system downtime and administrative costs by consolidating sales, management, inventory, and reporting data onto one, high performing, reliable platform, improving staff productivity, and reducing operational and IT management expenditure
  • Achieved a single vendor solution with unprecedented integration of three Oracle applications databases—Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Human Capital Management suite, and Agile Product Lifecycle Management suite on one Oracle Exadata machine by using Oracle’s InfiniBand Network technology, supporting more than 2,000 users

Why Oracle

Godfrey Phillips India selected Oracle for its unique combined hardware and software solution, delivered pretested and configured for streamlined implementation and rapid adoption.

“We chose Oracle as we wanted a pre-engineered, single vendor solution for hardware and software. Oracle Exadata was the only solution to meet our requirements. Approximately 80% of Godfrey Phillips India’s applications are Oracle products, and strategically it makes sense to partner with a high-performing, quality provider that will continue to deliver business benefits in the long term,” said Venkata Rao, CIO, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

Implementation Process

Godfrey Phillips India began preparing the business case for server and database consolidation in 2011. After selecting Oracle Exadata, it decided to implement the database machines in two phases.

The company went live with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2 Quarter Rack on August 15, 2012—in just eight weeks with the help of Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services and Oracle partner M/s Path InfoTech. The first Oracle Exadata machine delivered immediate performance benefits, so the company decided to implement another Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3 Eighth Rack for its SAP and nonproduction Oracle database environments in December 2013.

With three Oracle applications operating on the Exadata platform, including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and Agile Product Lifecycle Management suite products, Godfrey Phillips experienced significant performance benefits as a result of the consolidation.

Oracle Consulting managed the implementation, including installation, deployment, and data migration from the extraneous servers.

“The experienced local Oracle team explored different options to meet the needs of the business, established and documented the deployment, and provided a concise and valuable process management system. We were very happy with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services, and we are proud to work with Oracle,” Rao said.