Google Brasil, Internet Speeds Monthly Financial Closing by 40% with Corporate Management Solution
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Google Brasil, Internet Speeds Monthly Financial Closing by 40% with Corporate Management Solution

Google Inc. was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 1998 and entered the corporate market in February 2002, with the launch of its Google Adwords internet advertising service. Since then, the company has passed the 30,000-employee mark worldwide, with a management staff that represents some of the most experienced IT professionals in the industry.

In addition to being the best-known search engine on the internet, the company has been expanding its portfolio through acquisitions such as the YouTube video sharing site and by launching new products, such as the Google Chrome navigator, the Gmail free e-mail service, Google Maps, Android, and the Google+ social network. Google provides its customers with advertising solutions, ranging from simple text ads (sponsored links); to rich media (video); and cloud computing services.
Google has been physically present in Latin America since it opened its São Paulo and Belo Horizonte offices in 2005, and its Argentina office in 2006. The subsidiary currently employs 700 professionals.




A word from Google Brasil Internet Ltda.

  • “Oracle E-Business Suite gave us the financial management applications we needed to support triple-digit growth and deliver the level of control and scalability that a global organization requires, regionally.” – Edmundo Balthazar, Financial Director, Latin America, Google Brasil Internet Ltda.

  • Create a financial environment that can respond rapidly to new internet product and service launch requirements, such as developing financial and accounting reports needed for decision-making
  • Support the company’s triple-digit growth in Brazilian and Argentinean markets through a robust IT infrastructure that supports increased transaction volume with scalability
  • Ensure convergence of Google Brasil Internet’s financial processes, corporate standards and local regulations, including preparing monthly financial reports in US and local, generally accepted account principles (GAAP) management formats
  • Rely on a flexible financial solution that ensures compatibility with Brazilian market peculiarities and legislation and that interfaces with the banking system


Oracle Product and Services

  • Accelerated, by 40%, monthly accounting and financial reporting in US and local GAAP formats by carrying out financial processes at its corporate centers, where it is automating and standardizing transaction management with Oracle Financials, and ensuring seamless integration with the corporate environment’s Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Improved response time to customers and suppliers about billing and payment statuses, thanks to automated data exchanges between local and corporate Oracle E-Business Suite systems and legacy systems
  • Gained the flexibility to support rapid rollout of new Google internet products and services with Oracle Financials, which enables the company to quickly develop the required accounting, financial, and fiscal structures
  • Enabled launching a corporate payment management shared services center through global and regional processes with efficient approval, control, and budget flows
  • Automated financial, accounting and fiscal transaction management, freeing the accounting staff’s time to support new product initiatives that add value to the company’s regional core business

Why Oracle

“With Oracle E-Business Suite, we gained efficiency and the ability to scale our business processes. The solution is flexible, which allows us to develop new processes as well as monitoring and information systems, which consequently increased our business performance visibility. In addition, having Oracle E-Business Suite as our corporate system made our choice and deployment process very easy,” said Edmundo Balthazar, financial director for Latin America, Google Brasil Internet Ltda.


“The IT Convergence team stood out with its professionalism and technical skill during the Oracle E-Business Suite deployment project, ensuring that our business processes, such as electronic bank transfers, conformed to the Brazilian market. Oracle E-Business Suite’s flexibility and robustness allowed us to adapt it readily to our business strategies,” Balthazar said.