Grupo Fármacos Especializados Consolidates Enterprise Data for Optimal Reporting, and Decision-Making

Grupo Fármacos Especializados Consolidates Enterprise Data for Optimal Reporting, and Decision-Making

Grupo Fármacos Especializados is a group of companies that specializes in various healthcare-related services and products. The group started as a single pharmacy in Queretaro, Mexico City, grew to a chain of pharmacies, and later expanded to include wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to public and private sector organizations.

Grupo Fármacos has four business units: Grupo Fármacos Especializados SA, which delivers specialty medicines to the public health sector; Fármacos Nacionales SA, which distributes medicine products to private sector organizations, including pharmacies and retail chains; Medical Selections, which provides integral medical services, including medical equipment, technical service, healing material and health care; and a chain of 85 pharmacies that offer highly specialized products, including chemotherapy drugs. The group has a centralized, shared-service organization for IT and strategic planning.




A word from Grupo Fármacos Especializados SA de CV

  • “Oracle Exadata Database Machine Managed Cloud Service combined with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite gives managers on-demand access to reliable sales, invoicing, inventory data, and client portfolios—providing decision-making and operational efficiency improvements across the organization.” – Agustín Lomelí, Business Intelligence Director, Grupo Fármacos Especializados SA de CV

  • Consolidate all of the group’s information, including daily invoicing, medical supplies intake data, and medicine inventory, to improve services and supplies for pharmacies and medical institutions
  • Simplify IT administration and ensure timely infrastructure upgrades and maintenance
  • Generate detailed reports about various business units, including the group’s pharmacies and distributor operations, for more timely and detailed information to drive informed decisions and optimize operations


  • Deployed Oracle Exadata Database Machine Managed Cloud Service to consolidate all of the group’s information into a single source, including sales, medicine inventory, client data, accounts payable, acquisitions, and sales force performance, to improve service to private and public-sector clients
  • Recorded all of the company’s consolidated, reliable data online, including medical-supply inventory and sales information, and improved analysis and decision-making with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite
  • Reduced time for overnight consolidation of financial and inventory data, thanks to Exadata Database Machine Managed Cloud Service, gaining more timely and reliable information that managers and providers can access at any time
  • Gained visibility into human resources assigned for each particular surgery and the supplies required for the procedure to optimize resource utilization and future planning
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence Suite to provide information to laboratories and health centers in real time, streamlining logistics and resource allocations
  • Consolidated executive reporting models for operational areas and provided decision-makers with more timely information
  • Gained the ability to carefully monitor each business area, including pharmacy and medical supplies distribution, to identify and make adjustments required to increase operational efficiency
  • Identified areas for improvement processes, such as collections and supply in Farmacos Nacionales, and savings of staff time, thanks to Oracle Business Intelligence Suite running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine Managed Cloud Service, enabling the company to take action and make changes and to optimize time on issues, such as assigning expenses
  • Improved inventory management, reducing the amount of expired product and lost revenue associated with it
  • Used Oracle Managed Cloud Services to simplify IT administration and ensure timely and expert infrastructure upgrades and maintenance

Why Oracle

After analyzing Oracle Exadata, Netezza and Teradata in 2011, Grupo Fármacos Especializados selected Oracle Exadata Managed Cloud Service. “We chose Exadata because we already had the same platform and technology with our Oracle Database. We chose the solution we were sure would give the best performance for our database and provide us with a solid infrastructure, administrated by Oracle Managed Cloud Services, to handle information, such as medical product inventory and medicine distribution reports, and exploit it with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite.” said Agustín Lomelí, business intelligence director, Grupo Fármacos Especializados.

“Oracle Exadata was the best solution for the performance we require in our business intelligence environment. A traditional server could not meet our performance, availability, and scalability needs and provide near-real-time access to business information,” Lomelí said.

Implementation Process

Oracle Managed Cloud Services began implementing Oracle Exadata Database Machine in Oracle’s Austin, Texas, data center in late 2011, and the system went live in May 2012.

The migration of Oracle Database and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite to Oracle Exadata was conducted by Oracle Consulting. Oracle Managed Cloud Services configured the Oracle Exadata environment and today manages it to ensure high performance.

“Oracle Exadata helped us transform our data into valuable information,” Lomelí said.