Guanghua School of Management Summarizes Student Recruitment Data 40% Faster, Makes IT Maintenance and Operations 20% More Efficient
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Guanghua School of Management Summarizes Student Recruitment Data 40% Faster, Makes IT Maintenance and Operations 20% More Efficient

The Guanghua School of Management is Peking University’s business school. It was established in December 1993 after the merger of the university’s Department of Economic Management and its Center for Management Science. The school offers bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees to tertiary students, as well as MBAs, Executive MBAs, and Masters of Professional Accounting to mature students with relevant work experience. It also offers an executive education program to corporate executives.




A word from Guanghua School of Management

  • “We chose Oracle’s PeopleSoft products for a more complete student management solution that helps us effectively manage the student lifecycle. We have greatly improved communication and data sharing between departments and can now collate and summarize student recruitment information 40% faster.” – Professor Wang Mingjian, Head—Guanghua Information Team, Information Center Director, and Chief Project Inspector, Guanghua School of Management

  • Consolidate, standardize, and share student and operational information across departments to ensure data accuracy and consistency
  • Establish a comprehensive student-relationship management system which focuses on student recruitment, educational administration processes, and student services
  • Integrate Websites from different departments and ensure they can support more concurrent users


  • Improved communication and data sharing between departments by collating and summarizing student recruitment information 40% faster
  • Reduced student administration workload by 30%, by enabling staff to accurately track daily teaching activities and avoid conflicts in classroom scheduling for the MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Education programs
  • Enhanced the efficiency of IT operation and maintenance tasks by 20%, by integrating all departments’ Websites and associated information, such as alumni or program homepages, in the school’s extranet
  • Increased operational efficiency and data accuracy by optimizing the management and administration of different education programs using a single student relationship management system
  • Laid a foundation to better manage the student lifecycle as the integrated system provides a complete history, from enrollment to graduation

Why Oracle

Guanghua School of Management conducted an extensive assessment of customer relationship management software packages before choosing Oracle’s integrated solution.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Warehouse and PeopleSoft CRM for Higher Education offered a more complete solution than other vendors, covering student recruitment, enrollment, course management, graduation, and alumni activities,” said Professor Wang Mingjian, head of the Guanghua information team, information center director, and chief project inspector, Guanghua School of Management. “Based on the Web framework and the ability to integrate management activities for the whole student lifecycle, we could see the Oracle products would most effectively meet our current and future operational needs.”

Implementation Process

Guanghua School of Management planned to implement its student relationship management system in three phases.

The first phase of deployment lasted from March to September 2011. Tasks included establishing an integrated data information platform; developing an application system which focused on customer relationship management for Executive Education and Executive MBA departments; and reconstructing and integrating departmental Websites in a centralized extranet.

The school second phase began in January 2012 and was completed in June 2012. Tasks included constructing an MBA center; creating core business applications for bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees; optimizing the Executive Education and Executive MBA systems; and developing teacher self-service and scientific research management applications.


Guanghua School of Management engaged Oracle partner Beijing Transvision Consultancy Co., Ltd. to implement Oracle WebCenter Portal, PeopleSoft CRM for Higher Education, and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Warehouse.

The partner integrated the extranet and operational systems and established other applications to manage student recruitment, automated examination entries, education administration, courses, marketing, teacher self-service, scientific research, and alumni.

“Beijing Transvision Consultancy has extensive implementation experience in the education industry, especially with business schools,” said Yao Wei, vice director of Guanghua Information Center and project manager, Guanghua School of Management. “This ensured Beijing Transvision Consultancy could effectively handle complicated and ever-changing operational demands during the project, and meet the strict requirements on progress, cost, and quality.”