Hansen Transmissions Improves Server Performance by More Than 300% with Infrastructure Upgrade

Hansen Transmissions Improves Server Performance by More Than 300% with Infrastructure Upgrade

Hansen Transmissions International NV is an industry leading, globally established designer, manufacturer, and supplier of reliable, tailor-made gearboxes for wind turbines. Customers incorporate the company’s highly efficient and reliable gearboxes into multi-MW wind turbines, deployed across the globe in high-profile, onshore and offshore wind farm projects. Hansen Transmissions is a global player, with a manufacturing presence in Belgium, India, and China, as well as worldwide sales and service operations. It nurtures strong research and development operations and partnerships to maintain its technological leadership.




  • Upgrade the existing hardware infrastructure to a high performance infrastructure, a project that was instigated by the company headquarters changing location
  • Reduce costs by setting up an efficient, scalable, and future-proof hardware infrastructure, with the ability to manage an increase in employee numbers and transaction growth within the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application to support wind farm components manufacturing and other operations
  • Set up a test environment identical to the production environment to test infrastructure stability and performance, without impacting the production environment
  • Improve client-server network communication and test new infrastructure configurations to further optimize performance enterprisewide


  • Upgraded the existing infrastructure by deploying an Oracle's SPARC M8000 Enterprise Server in the new headquarters location, to support internal company growth and get higher performance for ERP-related tasks
  • Optimized system performance and improved system utilization, with a server load that was reduced from 40% to 15% and energy and cooling costs reduced by 50%
  • Implemented a test environment identical to the production environment, allowing nondisruptive testing and easy migrations
  • Implemented Oracle Database 10.2g and the enterprise resource planning solution in two Oracle Solaris containers on the same domain and switched network ports, which improved system performance by more than 300%, enabling more efficient support for manufacturing and other process