HauteLook Delivers high-end customer experiences with RightNow
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HauteLook Delivers high-end customer experiences with RightNow

Launched in 2007, Los Angeles-based HauteLook sells clothing and accessories for women, men, and children, as well as home furnishings, beauty products, and high-end travel packages. A quickly growing company in the highly competitive flash retail market, HauteLook, acquired by Nordstrom in March 2011, partners with brands to create 48-hour sale events, offering as much as a 75 percent discount. The company also recently launched Sole Society, a monthly shoe membership site. But before RightNow, HauteLook’s Member Care organization was under intense pressure to not only respond to members quickly and efficiently, but to create an experience that would stand out from the crowd.

Flash Support Decisions for a Flash Retailer

A word from HauteLook

  • “RightNow helps our Member Care organization to capture valuable insight and deliver a seamless experience no matter how a member chooses to engage with our brand. Using RightNow, agents also have the right information at the right time to give members confidence and positive interactions, whether solving an order issue or making a big purchase online.” — Chris Purpura, Director of Member Care, HauteLook

Prior to implementing RightNow, HauteLook was receiving an average of 10,000 phone and email inquiries each month from its members—and that number was growing exponentially every quarter. Customers often brought a sense of urgency and excitement when contacting HauteLook because they have a limited amount of time to make a purchase, and so expected to get quick answers to their questions. But with HauteLook’s in-house customer support tool, Member Care Associates had no standardized, centralized way to address incidents or log information for future reference. This created inefficiencies for agents when they needed to locate information to help members. Another top priority for HauteLook was to provide its members with a more unique, personalized experience that would drive ongoing brand advocacy and loyalty.

RightNow and HauteLook: A Perfect Match

The Must-Have Experience: 13.5% Conversion from Chat Sessions

Powering Retail in the Cloud

Capturing—and Leveraging—the Voice of the Customer

What’s Next




  • Provide members with an efficient and consistent experience via the communication channel of their choice
  • Create more personalized relationships with members to foster higher brand loyalty
  • Introduce live chat to instill member confidence and drive new sales
  • Capture member feedback to share with brand partners to drive new sales opportunities


Oracle Product and Services

  • RightNow Technologies
  • Efficiently managing 40,000+ interactions per month
  • 13.5% of chat sessions converted into new sales
  • 20% completion rate on member surveys
  • Ability to scale agent headcount to accommodate top sales events without increasing IT infrastructure costs

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