HD Supply Saves Nearly US$1 Million Annually with Integrated Human Resources System, Makes Employee Lifecycle Truly Visible
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HD Supply Saves Nearly US$1 Million Annually with Integrated Human Resources System, Makes Employee Lifecycle Truly Visible

HD Supply is a leading industrial distribution company—providing a broad range of products and services to professional customers in the infrastructure, maintenance, repair and improvement, and specialty-construction markets.

With a diverse portfolio of industry-leading businesses, HD Supply is one of the largest diversified industrial distribution companies in North America, with approximately 640 locations and 14,000 employees. The company wanted to standardize its human resources (HR) processes and provide its HR representatives with a complete view of each employee to enhance the employee performance evaluation process and help HD Supply strengthen its greatest resource—its people. 

When its legacy human resources (HR) software suite from Lawson required reinstallation with an upgrade, HD Supply decided to reevaluate the system and leverage its next implementation to consolidate the HR platform and lower its total cost of ownership. The company decided to implement Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources 9.1 to address these challenges. With the PeopleSoft suite, HD Supply consolidated and transformed its HR processes with automation to enable its HR representatives to focus on more strategic activities. As a result, it eliminated three major software-as-a service platforms to save nearly US$1 million per year.




A word from HD Supply

  • "With Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources, we have a digital solution to support the entire employee lifecycle. Moving forward, we will have metrics that mean something—from staffing through performance—and be able to measure employee-initiative success.” – Carrie Busbee, Manager IT, HD Supply

  • Standardize HR processes, putting the entire employment lifecycle into one application, and providing HR representatives with a complete view of each employee to enhance performance evaluation and compensation processes and help the industrial distributor strengthen its greatest resource—its people
  • Consolidate the HR platform, eliminate duplicative systems, and reduce total cost of ownership
  • Automate employee incentives and bonus payout processes
  • Provide an intuitive and user friendly reporting solution for end users, enabling HR representatives to focus on strategic recruiting and retention activities
  • Develop effective training aide and user manuals to support end user training and change management


  • Consolidated the HR platform onto one single instance of PeopleSoft’s human capital management suite, Release 9.1, eliminating three major software-as-a-service platforms to save nearly US$1 million per year
  • Migrated 39,000 employee records, including 15,000 active employees, to the new system—eliminating redundancy and improving HR process efficiency
  • Converted 2.5 million payroll data rows with PeopleSoft Payroll and ensured that the first pay run, post implementation, went smoothly
  • Provided manager self-service screens to enable HR representatives to easily access the employee information they need to make more strategic decisions
  • Provided visibility into the entire employee lifecycle, enabling managers to measure employee initiative success by tying it directly to employee performance, helping to maintain its position as one of the largest diversified industrial companies in North America
  • Automated bonus plan processes to eliminate hours equal to two full-time-equivalent employees, previously needed for manual Excel-based data entry—freeing resources to work on other activities
  • Used PeopleSoft’s open architecture to easily integrate a third-party document-management application, enabling managers to access and review documents from the HR library
  • Improved downstream system security, providing traceable processes for access to data for leaves of absence and terminated employees
  • Used Oracle User Productivity Kit for predelivered training content, enabling employees to click the help button to view application functionality explanations, as well as to customized content that provides background on HD Supply’s HR philosophy

Why Oracle

“We looked at several applications. Ultimately, Oracle’s PeopleSoft solution won out. It was the most affordable, stable, and mature solution we evaluated,” said Carrie Busbee, manager IT, HD Supply.

Implementation Process

HD Supply purchased the PeopleSoft licenses in December 2009 and engaged Oracle specialized partner L&T Infotech and started to define requirements in March 2010. The team began the design phase in June 2010 and moved into testing and configuration in October 2010. HD Supply went live during the first phase on PeopleSoft Human Resources, PeopleSoft Payroll for North America, PeopleSoft Benefits Administration, and the self service applications—on April 1, 2011. The company supports 95 interfaces, most of which it retained, to other systems. L&T Infotech coded 35 of those and helped with quality assurance testing.

L&T Infotech provided onsite functional leads for compensation and merit as well as for succession and performance, a project manager, in addition to offshore and onshore technical resources to support the second phase—the deployment of PeopleSoft eCompensation Manager Desktop, which went live in February 2012.

HD Supply and L&T Infotech are currently deploying PeopleSoft ePerformance in phases, rolling it out in time for goal setting in April 2012 and midyear reviews in June 2012. HD Supply will use PeopleSoft ePerformance to support annual performance reviews in November 2012 with a merit cycle to follow in 2013. Each phase to date has been on time and on budget.


“L&T Infotech has been extremely helpful in answering our questions throughout the implementation and enabling us to avoid unnecessary process changes. This helped us limit customizations. L&T Infotech is a true partner to us,” said Carrie Busbee, manager IT, HD Supply.