HealthEdge Software Boosts Throughput of Its Solution by Nearly 500% with Optimized Engineered System

HealthEdge Software Boosts Throughput of Its Solution by Nearly 500% with Optimized Engineered System

HealthEdge Software Inc. provides a modern, enterprise-class software platform for healthcare payers. Its HealthRules product suite includes next-generation claims and benefits administration, business intelligence, and portal solutions that help payer organizations drive growth. Health plans and health insurance companies use the company’s software suite to respond to new business opportunities and market changes quickly, while reducing IT and operational costs.

HealthEdge built its HealthRules solution on Oracle technology, running it on Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server.

Recently, one of HealthEdge’s customers was looking to overhaul its enterprise architecture and planned to install Oracle Exadata Database Machine. As such, the customer and HealthEdge wanted to benchmark the performance of the HealthRules software platform running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. HealthEdge undertook a proof of concept test to measure performance and perhaps offer this customer and others the extreme performance that Oracle Exadata Database Machine delivers.

With Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Quarter Rack, the smallest version of the product available, HealthEdge realized extreme performance gains by increasing claims processing throughput for its HealthRules system from 6 claims per second to 28 per second—a 4.7xincrease. The company experienced linear scale with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Half Rack, which processed 56 claims per second.

HealthEdge was also able to meet service-level agreement (SLA) levels for a production workload while sharing database resources with other applications. Further, during the POC, HealthEdge executed the system’s most resource-intensive analytical reports 2x faster than on a similarly-sized commodity system. It also found that the solution would scale linearly, and that it could easily run a customer with several million lines of data on a quarter rack.

“The proof of concept demonstrated the power of Oracle Exadata Database Machine to achieve extreme performance for our HealthRules platform. This opens new potential for us to assure the performance of the application in hosted and consolidated scenarios, where loads could be shared on a single machine while meeting SLA requirements. As important, it will enable us to target larger customers who are looking for extreme performance to cost-effectively and efficiently handle their large claims and data volumes,” said Matt Kuntz, chief technology officer, HealthEdge.

HealthEdge achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized status through the Oracle PartnerNetwork. In achieving this status, the application was fully tested and is now certified as supported on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

A word from HealthEdge Software Inc.

  • “Our proof of concept proved that with Oracle Exadata Database Machine we can significantly boost performance of our HealthRules solution―with the benchmark demonstrating a nearly five-fold throughput increase for the claims system. That represents tremendous gains for our customers, in terms of speed and efficiency.” – Matt Kuntz, Chief Technology Officer, HealthEdge Software Inc.



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“Oracle’s integrated approach to hardware, software, and applications across the whole portfolio is a huge advantage to our business. We have run our technology from the start on the Oracle stack, and know the performance, reliability, and value it delivers. The extreme performance of Oracle Exadata Database Machine represents a huge leap forward for Oracle and our business, enabling us to offer our clients, especially large organizations, dramatically higher levels of performance that, in turn, enables them to serve their customers faster and more efficiently. HealthRules is an I/O-intensive application, and Oracle Exadata is a great fit,” Kuntz said.