HM Land Registry Improves Customer Focus and Delivers Targeted Services to 3,000 Agents

HM Land Registry Improves Customer Focus and Delivers Targeted Services to 3,000 Agents

  • Oracle Customer:  HM Land Registry
    Location:  London, United Kingdom
    Industry:  Public Sector
    Employees:  3,984
    Annual Revenue:  $500 Million to $1 Billion

HM Land Registry is a British government agency that registers land and property ownership in England and Wales. It keeps and maintains the Land Registry for England and Wales, where more than 23 million titles—the evidence of ownership—are documented, and it records any ownership changes, mortgages, and leases that affect the land or property. HM Land Registry is a self-financed organization, achieved through charging land-registration fees and delivering value-added services to customers.




A word from HM Land Registry

  • “With Oracle RightNow Cloud Service we are seeking to dramatically enhance our knowledge and understanding of our customers to deliver an improved, more consistent customer experience.” – Eddie Davies, Commercial and Customer Director, HM Land Registry

  • Become an even more customer-centric organization by repositioning the customer at the heart of the HM Land Registry
  • Capture all customer interactions and information in a central resource to gain a better understanding of customer behavior and requirements, including queries regarding property ownership and registration in England and Wales
  • Segment customers into personas and organizations, such as conveyancers, solicitors, financial institutions, and government organizations, to improve customer service
  • Imrpove customer intelligence to help drive a shift to electronic channels in line with the UK government agenda to move services to a digital platform
  • Maintain customer satisfaction with HM Land Registry services, which is at 98%


  • Replaced legacy systems with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service for more than 3,000 employees to deliver improved services to distinct customer groups and to organizations, including solicitors, financial organizations, and estate agents
  • Enabled customers to access online self-service, providing services to customers when they need them in a cost-effective way and meeting broader government objectives to handle more inquiries online
  • Aimed to reduce the number of inbound calls handled by call-center agents and case-handling team members by improving customer self-service capabilities, and continually improving and updating online land registry information, such as details about land registration law, ownership, boundaries, and land charges with intelligence captured from calls
  • Empowered more than 3,000 employees to quickly and accurately handle 6,000 to 8,000 calls per day across 14 locations by providing them with quick access to detailed information, negating the need for customers to call various offices to find the required information
  • Used Oracle RightNow Analytics Cloud Service to examine call times and call patterns to gain a holistic view of customer requirements and behavior and use insights to modify services in alignment with customer needs
  • Improved data management by providing a single view of customers and recording all customer contact, as well as implementing escalation processes within RightNow Cloud Service to improve customer service
  • Improved reporting to provide better information to the central government regarding query types and to prove that the level and type of service provided by HM Land Registry meets government requirements

Why Oracle

HM Land Registry is one of the first UK government agencies to embrace the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS), aligned to the guidance provided by the UK’s Cabinet Office. Following a complex procurement and competitive bid process, HM Land Registry chose Oracle RightNow Cloud Service over a number of competitors.

“We chose Oracle RightNow because it is a robust and flexible solution that meets our current and future needs and provides an excellent return on investment. In addition, Oracle offers a cloud-based service that is perfect for our requirements,” said Eddie Davies, commercial and customer director, HM Land Registry.

“In the longer term, managing and maintaining a central, customer database will feed into our five-year transformation program. We are planning to overhaul our IT architecture and will use the data collected from Oracle RightNow to help drive change across the organization.”

Implementation Process

HM Land Registry worked closely with Oracle Consulting to deliver a successful project within very tight delivery timelines, including a complete rollout within just one month. Oracle Consulting used RightNow Project Methodology to deliver Oracle RightNow using a standard, phased approach. HM Land Registry implemented Oracle RightNow as a vanilla system to reduce complexity within the customer relationship management system. It also helped Oracle and HM Land Registry to deliver a smooth implementation on-time.

HM Land Registry rolled out Oracle RightNow to more than 3,000 staff at 14 different locations in England and Wales, including two call centers. The team ran a number of workshops to train users in using Oracle RightNow and also to educate staff on the benefits of rolling out a noncustomized system.