Home Systems Consulting Brings the Internet of Things to Users’ Fingertips with Highly Scalable and Portable, Web-Based, Home-and-Building Automation Tool

Home Systems Consulting Brings the Internet of Things to Users’ Fingertips with Highly Scalable and Portable, Web-Based, Home-and-Building Automation Tool

Home Systems Consulting S.p.A., located in the Italian region of Lombardy, develops solutions for home-and-building automation systems. The company’s solutions combine design and leading technology integration to help upgrade the comfort, security, and energy efficiency of homes and buildings.

Existing building system control solutions do not easily integrate with each other, so they suffer many functional limitations. To respond to increasing demand for easy-to-manage and cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communication tools, Home Systems Consulting develops software solutions aimed at creating cohesive systems that are highly customizable, easy to use and integrate, and always accessible through any hardware platform and operating system.

The company’s Home Systems Controller (HSYCO) is an innovative Java-based software framework for home-and-building automation applications. It is highly scalable, portable, secure, reliable, and customizable. HSYCO combines an efficient, graphical user interface with web-based design tools that enable professional users to develop integrated control systems for more than 60 standard and proprietary systems. Contrary to legacy building-automation solutions, HSYCO offers a state-of-the-art architecture, fully based on modern standards, such as HTML5, CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet), JavaScript, and Java.




A word from Home Systems Consulting S.p.A.

  • “Thanks to Oracle Java SE Embedded’s support for JavaScript, we can easily create development tools that make it fast and simple to write even the most complex building-automation logic in JavaScript. This is a unique, down-to-earth approach to smart buildings. Efficient and innovative solutions are created naturally if smart tools are available to people who know what they want in home-and-building automation. The new Java 8 release embeds an entirely new JavaScript engine, improving performance and offering new features, particularly in the JavaScript-to-Java integration.” – Ulderico Arcidiaco, CEO, Home Systems Consulting S.p.A.

  • Overcome hardware and software integration challenges in the home-and-building automation market to improve efficiency and reduce deployment and maintenance costs for solution providers and customers
  • Contribute to IoT with a machine-to-machine communication solution capable of scaling from home automation, to building automation, to smart cities, enabling people to easily control multiple technical systems, such as heating, lighting, and alarms with any device and any operating system, anytime and anywhere
  • Offer an easy-to-use, flexible, highly customizable development framework for automation professionals who need extreme reliability and scalability—from small homes to compound development—and the ability to interface with most home-and-building, control and automation systems
  • Provide home-and-building, automation-system end users with a top-notch web experience, outstanding performance, and high-end, enterprise-grade security
  • Efficiently run the company’s Java-based software framework for home-and building automation applications on commodity servers


Oracle Product and Services

  • Pioneered the development of a web application, based on HTML5, CSS 3, Java, and JavaScript, thanks to the embedded integration capabilities in Oracle Java SE Embedded’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which can run installation-free on any desktop or mobile OS without compromising performance or security
  • Enabled developers to easily create tools to write even complex building-automation logic in JavaScript and Java
  • Enabled smooth integration of devices from more than 60 vendors, giving home-and-building automation professionals and customers complete flexibility and freedom of choice in hardware and software and enabling them to seamlessly interact with one another
  • Used Oracle Java SE Embedded JVM to ensure outstanding energy efficiency and the highest performance on the market—developing solutions that can run on low-power commodity hardware, including low-cost processors such as Raspberry Pi and Intel Atom
  • Achieved seamless communication between control and automation systems and scalability, exploiting the reliability, high portability, and robust, native-thread support of Oracle Java SE Embedded JVM
  • Developed a Java-based framework for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as security and automation resellers to customize the company’s software offering to their needs and those of their end customers, for example by writing native drivers for additional subsystems
  • Took advantage of the low overhead of the Oracle Java SE Embedded licensing model to keep the HSYCO framework’s price very competitive, enabling OEMs and resellers to deploy their own customized, vertical solutions worldwide, based on the platform

Why Oracle

“Our HSYCO framework must run seamlessly without interruption or support activity, and Oracle Java SE Embedded enables us to operate it as an always-on appliance. The Java Virtual Machine runs as efficiently as possible on low-power servers, including the Raspberry Pi. Oracle Java SE Embedded fulfills all our needs, and its licensing policy fits well in our business model, even in the initial stages of product launch,” said Ulderico Arcidiaco, CEO, Home Systems Consulting.