Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Improves Patient Care, Runs Payroll 572% Faster While Cutting IT Complexity and Costs

Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Improves Patient Care, Runs Payroll 572% Faster While Cutting IT Complexity and Costs

Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz was founded in 1897 by the entrepreneur and Honorary Consul of Germany, Anton Zerrener. The 96,000 square-meter hospital has 371 beds, including 44 intensive-care-unit beds, and a surgical center with 22 rooms equipped with the latest technology for performing minimally invasive surgeries to highly complex transplants.

More than 5,000 doctors comprise the medical staff of Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz; including well-known specialists as well as professors at leading universities and medical schools in the state of São Paulo.




A word from Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz

  • “The high performance and scalability of Oracle Exadata Database Machine enables us to execute critical hospital operations, such as scheduling appointments and tests more quickly and without bottlenecks. It also will help us to ensure operational continuity over the coming years without significant changes to our IT architecture." – Denis da Costa Rodrigues, IT Manager, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz

  • Update the IT environment and consolidate three databases into a single platform, thereby ensuring key business-data availability, such as for medical records and appointment systems
  • Enhance patient care and hospital services by making the staff more efficient, enabling doctors to spend more time with patients, and other staff to focus on value-added services instead of back-end office processes
  • Ensure timely and accurate financial-performance data to facilitate strategic decision-making and information exchange with health insurance companies


  • Implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine and consolidated the data environment with high performance and stability, enabling the hospital to significantly accelerate critical operations, such as scheduling appointments and diagnostic tests
  • Improved patient care by allowing doctors to input medical prescriptions 70% faster—in two minutes instead of six minutes—spending more time with their patients
  • Gained the ability to run payroll for 2,100 employees during business hours and 572% faster, eliminating processing bottlenecks and increasing administrative team productivity
  • Cut information exchange with health insurance companies six-fold, including for transacting payment authorizations, by adopting Oracle Exadata Database Machine, which reduced management-system response time
  • Increased IT environment security and ensured that systems failover within five minutes, in the event of an interruption or breakdown, thanks to Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Expanded storage capacity without purchasing more hardware with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, while ensuring compliance with Resolution 1639 of the Federal Council of Medicine, which stipulates that patient medical records must be stored for 20 years

Why Oracle

“We needed to update our data center, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine proved to be an excellent option because it offers redundancy, high performance, and synergy with the technology we already use. We have reduced IT infrastructure complexity and centralized support and management with a single supplier," said Denis da Costa Rodrigues, IT manager, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz.

Implementation Process

The hospital implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine in several stages, including a planning phase in which it benefitted from the expertise of a specialist from the Oracle Exadata Start-Up Advisory Service.

"It was a very positive experience, since we had access to the best market practices and could contemplate future scenarios. We reduced risk further with the support of Oracle partner, Teiko, and our knowledge of the business," Rodrigues said.


"The professionals from Teiko demonstrated extensive knowledge of Oracle technology and a strong understanding of the unique challenges that healthcare environments present. These factors, combined with the power of Oracle Exadata, enabled us to achieve significant business benefits, including better patient care,” Rodrigues said.