Hover Automotive India Allocates Vehicles 30x Faster, Increases Sales Opportunities, and Supports Growth Target

Hover Automotive India Allocates Vehicles 30x Faster, Increases Sales Opportunities, and Supports Growth Target

Hover Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. (HAI) is the exclusive distributor for a major, Japanese original-equipment manufacturer (OEM). Managing a network of 125 authorized motor-vehicle dealerships throughout the country, HAI provides services for sales and marketing, dealer development, training, and postsales support for such things as warranties, parts, and accessories.

In a bid to increase the OEM’s brand visibility and grow its Indian market share to 10%, HAI needed to double its network to 300 dealerships and sell 200,000 vehicles annually by 2017. This required a centralized dealership management platform with enhanced visibility into customer and dealer interactions to enable greater process efficiency, improve control over dealer operations, and ensure adherence to process standards. The company also wanted to standardize its business processes for finance, human resources (HR), and its supply chain to support faster decision-making and more effective marketing campaigns.

HAI overhauled its outdated IT infrastructure with a centralized customer-relationship-management (CRM) and dealer-management platform by implementing Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, including Siebel Sales, Siebel Automotive, Siebel Dealer Portal, Siebel Partner Relationship Management, Siebel Campaign Management, Siebel Field Service, and Siebel Field Service for Partners. HAI also implemented Oracle analytics modules, including Oracle Sales Analytics; Oracle Finance Service Analytics, Fusion Edition; Oracle Partner Analytics, Fusion Edition; and Oracle Marketing Analytics, Fusion Edition to gain better insight into how dealers perform and to increase sales opportunities. Finally, the company deployed Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 as the back-end system, running on Oracle’s SPARC T4-1 server with Oracle Solaris.

The end-to-end Oracle software and hardware solution enabled HAI to gain real-time visibility into customer and dealer interactions, track the vehicle pipelines across all locations, and improve the ability to efficiently audit and control dealer claims. With a highly available and scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, HAI can allocate vehicles to dealers 30x faster, increase sales opportunities, and support its growth target. Oracle Travel & Expense Management also reduced processing time for employee travel expense claims by 5x, improved staff morale, and increased HR staff productivity.

Gains Complete View of Real-Time Interactions, Improves Competitive Advantage

A word from Hover Automotive India Pvt. Ltd

  • "Only Oracle could provide an end-to-end software and hardware solution that offers the highest scalability to meet business requirements and support our growth target. Thanks to Oracle, we gained a centralized dealership management platform with a complete view of real-time interactions. We’ve also allocated vehicles 30x faster, increased staff productivity, and reduced the total cost of ownership." – Satyen Shah, Head, Business Process Quality and Information Technology, Hover Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.

HAI was using a decentralized model for its dealership management system with limited CRM functionality. The company had to rely on individual dealerships to provide information, such as customer profile, vehicle history, dealers’ stock availability, and vehicle sales pipeline. The interface between the dealership-management system and OEM systems was also file-based and could not integrate with other dealer applications in real time, including finance and insurance. HAI had to manually collate data from disparate systems, which slowed decision-making and delayed the time to market.

For example, it could take up to two days for HAI to generate management information system (MIS) reports for sales-funnel visibility, delaying the ordering process and monthly dealers’ sales forecasting. It would then take another two or three days for HAI to analyze sales lost due to stock unavailability, making it difficult for the company to double its current 2% market share each year over the next four years. With low data visibility and dispersed information, HAI also had difficulty tracking pipelines, verifying dealer claims, ensuring accurate forecasts, and preventing data theft from dealerships.  

Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications provided a centralized and web-based CRM and dealership management platform with complete views of customer and dealer interactions in real time, including dealer development, vehicle sales, marketing campaigns, service and spare parts orders, as well as CRM functionality. It also enabled integration with the OEM’s systems and dealers’ finance applications and eliminated a time-consuming data collation process. HAI can rapidly track vehicle pipelines across all locations through automated lead-management capabilities and receive accurate sales forecasts from dealers. With Siebel Partner Relationship Management’s deal registration functionalities, HAI can also audit dealers’ transactions, for examples, audit vehicle pricing and incentive schemes, using an embedded, hierarchy-based approval process to eliminate the possibility of dealer fraud. In addition, it improved the ability of dealers to track their funding and claims status and ensured complete vehicle history records were available across the dealership network, providing a consistent sales and service experience for customers.

“Thanks to Oracle Analytics’ dashboard and reporting capability, we have actionable insight into dealers’ performances against sales targets and can adjust sales and marketing strategies instantly, converting more leads into sales and increasing revenue,” said Satyen Shah, head, business process quality and information technology, Hover Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. 

Oracle’s highly scalable solution provided a roadmap for HAI to enable future integration for mobile, social media, and customer-portal technologies to increase touch points and further improve the customer experience and the company’s competitive advantage.

Allocates Vehicles 30x Faster, Improves Sales Revenue Opportunities

Expedites Expense Claims 5x Faster, Improves Employee Morale

Ensures High Availability and Scalability to Support Growth Target




  • Provide a centralized CRM and dealership management platform to improve visibility for customer and dealer interactions and grow market share to 10% in the next four years
  • Improve efficiency of finance, HR, and supply chain processes
  • Accelerate vehicle allocation to dealers to optimize sales
  • Streamline employee expense reimbursement and tighten expense control to reduce operating costs
  • Ensure high levels of system availability, security, and scalability for business-critical applications, including ERP and CRM systems, to enable business continuity and reduce the total cost of ownership 


  • Allocated vehicles to dealers 30x faster—600 vehicles in 20 minutes, instead of taking up to one minute each
  • Used Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 to automate inventory management processes, reducing administration costs and improving vehicle allocation accuracy
  • Gained real-time visibility into customer and dealer interactions, supporting faster decision-making to enable sales-target achievement through Siebel Dealer Portal and Siebel Automotive
  • Reduced licensing costs and achieved faster issue resolution by implementing a single-vendor solution for hardware and software, enabling the company to focus on its dealership and customer strategy
  • Ensured high-levels of system availability and scalability by deploying Oracle’s SPARC T-4-1 server with Oracle Solaris, enabling reliable vehicle allocation and avoiding delays
  • Increased employee morale by enabling employees to submit travel expense reports online and receive reinbursement within 3 days instead of 15 days
  • Improved productivity by enabling finance staff to process expense claims within seconds, when the claim is approved in the system instead of taking up to five minutes, previously, to process one expense claim
  • Reduced inventory backlog and interest costs for dealers by using Oracle Inventory Optimization’s first-in, first-out allocation method to ensure that old stock moves out of the system before the new stock is in place
  • Improved sales revenue opportunities by gaining deeper insight into dealer forecasts and sales targets, enabling the company to adjust sales and marketing strategies instantly
  • Enhanced data security by using SPARC T4’s built-in encryption instruction accelerators to ensure data is available for the vehicle allocation process, increasing management confidence
  • Minimized IT-system-management tasks, including data administration and server configuration issues by using SPARC T4-1 server’s embedded Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager to automate fault detection and notification

Why Oracle

After detailed evaluations of different vendor solutions, HAI chose Oracle over SAP and Microsoft because only Oracle could offer an end-to-end hardware and software solution, as demonstrated by successful large-scale implementations within the automotive industry in India. HAI was also impressed with Oracle team members’ understanding of, and their ability to meet, the company’s business requirements.

“With single point of contact and complete hardware and software integration, Oracle offered a significant advantage for process efficiency, user productivity, and customer experience. Only Oracle could meet our business requirements and offer the highest scalability to support our future growth,” Shah said.

Implementation Process

HAI implemented the Oracle hardware and software solution in phases. The company deployed Oracle E-Business Suite financials modules, such as Oracle Cash Management and Oracle Accounts Payable, supply chain modules, as well as Oracle Hyperion Planning, in 101 days. It was one of the fastest implementations of its size, with 45 system interfaces spanning various business processes. The company then implemented Oracle Self-Service Human Resources and Oracle iRecruitment followed by Oracle Travel & Expense Management, Oracle Internet Expenses, Oracle Learning Management, and Oracle Payroll. The company completed its deployment with Siebel CRM.


HAI engaged Oracle partner Wipro Ltd. as the solution implementation partner for the entire project. Wipro was the single point of contact for the managed solution and communicated with Oracle teams for Oracle Hyperion, Siebel CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Analytics modules. Wipro continues to partner with HAI post-implementation by providing a support helpline for HAI’s IT staff.

“Wipro understood our large-scale and complex implementation and effectively managed all communication channels and business processes for the entire project, providing the best-in-class Oracle solution and enabling us to focus on our customer and dealership business strategies,” Shah said.