Howard Tenens Uses 360-Degree Customer View to Drive Logistic-Services Sales and Improve Process Management
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Howard Tenens Uses 360-Degree Customer View to Drive Logistic-Services Sales and Improve Process Management

Howard Tenens is one of the largest family-owned logistics companies in the United Kingdom. It provides tailored, sustainable logistics services across the entire business spectrum, including warehousing, storage, handling, and distribution.

Headquartered in Stroud, Gloucestershire, the company operates approximately 3 million square feet of warehousing space across the United Kingdom and has 15 depots nationally. Its customers span a variety of industries, including food and beverage, automotive, forest products, and consumer goods.




A word from Howard Tenens

  • "Oracle CRM on Demand has significantly helped us to formalize our sales, customer management, and commercial management processes.” – Jamie Hartles, Commercial and Marketing Director, Howard Tenens

  • Improve customer knowledge with a central, accessible repository for all current and historical customer information
  • Prioritize and target customer leads to drive new business for specific geographic areas and individual warehouse depots, and to help track business growth
  • Implement a comprehensive system to support new logistics, transportation, and warehousing business, sales, sales management, and customer management


Oracle Product and Services

  • Replaced ad-hoc and manual, spreadsheet-based systems with Oracle CRM on Demand, Enterprise Edition to provide a holistic view of logistics, transportation, and warehousing customers as they transition from being a sales lead through to an established customer
  • Formalized sales process and put in place systems to improve customer and commercial management, including annual contract reviews and renewals
  • Prioritized sales leads according to organization strategy, and improved tracking leads following marketing activities, such as logistics industry exhibitions
  • Saved time and costs for administration duties and increased accuracy and professionalism of reporting with branded communications
  • Produced and distributed regularly updated reports within the organization to closely track new business opportunities
  • Ensured that all data is captured in a central repository to help share knowledge within the organization, store historic customer information in a central area, and improve customer management with access to accurate, current, and historical information

Why Oracle

Howard Tenens needed a fully functional, flexible, customer-management system that would help it manage both sales and commercial processes and could grow with its business. In addition, it wanted a hosted solution to minimize in-house management time and cost.

“We chose Oracle CRM on Demand, as it offered a high level of flexibility and functionality. Cost and support were also important factors, and Oracle partner BPI on Demand offered an all-inclusive, fixed-price package that met all our requirements,” said Jamie Hartles, commercial and marketing director, Howard Tenens.


“With the help of Oracle Specialized Partner BPI on Demand, we achieved a very fast implementation of Oracle CRM on Demand. The project was delivered on time and within budget, with brilliant results. We were genuinely impressed with the commitment and willingness of BPI on Demand to deliver excellent customer service, both during the project implementation and for ongoing account management.” Hartles said.