Humanitas Reduces Costs, Establishes Firm Foundation for the Future with Licensing Review
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Humanitas Reduces Costs, Establishes Firm Foundation for the Future with Licensing Review

  • Oracle Customer:  Humanitas SpA
    Location:  Milan, Italy
    Industry:  Healthcare
    Employees:  2,682
    Annual Revenue:  $500 Million to $1 Billion

Humanitas SpA is the holding company for Humanitas Group, which operates five hospitals in Italy. In addition to providing healthcare services, Humanitas undertakes scientific and clinical research and provides medical training and education for healthcare professionals, delivering university courses in medicine and nursing.

Previously, Humanitas used off-the-shelf tools and worked with partner organizations to measure its Oracle license utilization. Requiring a more accurate overview to ensure license compliance, Humanitas engaged Oracle License Management Services to conduct a comprehensive assessment of its Oracle licenses and usage. Following the three-month review and with the help of the Oracle tools, Humanitas gained a strong knowledge and understanding of Oracle licensing policies and is now fully certified as compliant and correctly licensed.

Moving forward, Humanitas plans to undertake a consultative check with the Oracle License Management Services team on an annual basis and when it makes changes to its system architecture. With tighter control over its Oracle licenses, Humanitas expects to reduce costs as systems evolve, and it implements new systems. More importantly, the review has helped to establish a strong and trusting working relationship between Oracle and Humanitas, laying a firm foundation for future collaboration.

A word from Humanitas SpA

  • "Oracle License Management Services helped us to really understand Oracle’s licensing rules and the different types of licenses available. We have established a strong and trusting working relationship with Oracle, laying the foundation for future collaboration." – Giampaolo Muraro, Chief Information Officer, Humanitas SpA



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Implementation Process

Oracle License Management Services worked with Humanitas to define project objectives and create an action plan. Following a detailed planning process, Humanitas used Oracle License Management Services tools to analyze its license usage.