IDA Foundation Secures Data, Cuts Workstation Administration by 80%, and Reduces Hardware Costs from US$260 to US$40 per User per Year
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IDA Foundation Secures Data, Cuts Workstation Administration by 80%, and Reduces Hardware Costs from US$260 to US$40 per User per Year

IDA Foundation is a world-leading not-for-profit supplier of essential medicines and medical supplies, which it sells to more than 500 customers in 130 developing countries. The company supplies 3,000 essential medicines, sourced mainly from generic manufacturers. IDA Foundation has offices in the Netherlands, India, China, and the United States and works with a distribution network of more than 40 agents around the world.




A word from IDA Foundation

  • "Oracle has enabled us to build a no-compromise, virtual-desktop solution that protects intellectual property, cuts hardware costs by 500%, reduces our carbon footprint by 90%, cuts support costs by 80%, and gives us an efficient, agile, scalable working environment." – Siem Smit, IT Manager, IDA Foundation

  • Eliminate risk of security breaches for commercially sensitive and business-critical corporate data that is accessed by office- and field-based finance, human resources, sales, and quality assurance teams in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States and which is downloaded to hard drives, desktops, laptops, and smartphones
  • Cut the cost of administering 130 workstations in Amsterdam and Mumbai offices while reducing hardware overhead and minimizing power consumption
  • Improve staff productivity by facilitating faster data access, hot desking, seamless, desktop-session mobility, and easier sharing of sales figures for drugs and medical supplies with colleagues
  • Enhance user convenience through greater working flexibility and enable employees to use their own laptops, smartphones, or tablets if they prefer them to office workstations


  • Eliminated security threats by preventing data from leaving the corporate data center by replacing a private, automatic, branch-exchange and PC office environment with Oracle’s Sun Ray Clients and Sun Ray Software integrated into Mitel IP Phones to build a virtualized desktop environment with centralized data and applications, one that does not cache or store data on client devices
  • Used Sun Ray Clients with a smartcard to give office-based employees in Amsterdam and Mumbai headquarters secure, personalized access to data and applications from any office computer terminal
  • Cut workstation administration by 80% by replacing traditional PCs with Sun Ray Servers, which have no local operating system to manage, no storage, and do not suffer from virus attacks
  • Reduced average annual hardware costs by more than 500%—from US$260 to US$40 per user—by replacing PCs that cost approximately US$800 and typically last for three years with Sun Ray Clients that cost approximately US$400 and last for 10 years
  • Cut system response times by 50%, which improved user efficiency, by locating the Sun Ray Server in the Amsterdam data center to create the shortest network path to corporate data
  • Used Sun Ray Software and Sun Ray Clients to enable users to instantly move live desktop sessions between workstations and resume work with no data loss by inserting their Sun Ray Client into another office terminal
  • Made teams more productive by enabling staff to hot-desk and share information during meetings, collaborate with colleagues to compile presentations or sales pitches, and relocate to quiet parts of the office to hold audio conferences or make telephone calls
  • Cut power costs by 90% and reduced carbon footprint by replacing PCs, which output around 125 watts each, with Sun Ray Clients that use only 8 watts
  • Built a virtualized environment for remote and field workers in the Netherlands and India by replacing Citrix Server with Oracle Secure Global Desktop to provide web-based access to applications without needing to store software or data on the desktop
  • Used Oracle Secure Global Desktop to accommodate the growing trend for employees who wish to use their own laptops and smartphones in the workplace without compromising the integrity of corporate data
  • Rolled out Oracle Secure Global Desktop to India, China, Nigeria, and the United States where IDA Foundation does not have offices, and all users are telecommuters
  • Benefited from the security of the virtualized environment provided by the Sun Ray solution and Oracle Secure Global Desktop to eliminate needing security awareness refresher training, which was costly to run and removed each staff member from the office for a day each year
  • Cut ongoing support costs by deploying new applications and software and operating system upgrades to all users simultaneously in the virtualized environment

Why Oracle

IDA Foundation evaluated offerings from ChipPC and Wys but chose Oracle’s Sun Ray because of its tight integration with Mitel IP-PBX, the system that provides its employees with a single follow-the-user phone number for mobile and landline phones. The Oracle solution was also simpler to deploy and required less system knowledge when compared to competing solutions, which would cut long-term cost of ownership. In addition, IDA Foundation wanted to benefit from the scalability of the Oracle Solaris operating system to maximize investment protection as it rolls out virtualized desktops to a growing user base.

IDA Foundation chose Oracle Secure Global Desktop over Citrix’s products for remote application delivery because of its faster access speed and enhanced user friendliness.

"Sun Ray and Oracle Secure Global Desktop enable us to protect company, customer, and employee data while cutting costs significantly and greatly improving the user experience," said Siem Smit, IT manager, IDA Foundation.


Oracle Partner Detron built an on-site proof of concept of the virtualized desktop solution for IDA Foundation. Detron ICT supported IDA Foundation during the implementation and the roll out of Sun Ray Clients to 130 workstations in the Amsterdam and Mumbai head offices.

"Detron ICT’s expertise in Mitel and Oracle technologies helped ensure a seamless integration of Sun Ray Clients with Mitel IP Phones and delivered a smooth go-live for our users," said Siem Smit, IT manager, IDA Foundation. "We will continue to rely on them as a knowledge center for Oracle Solaris."