IDDEEA Gains a 50x Faster Response for Processing Bosnia and Herzegovina Citizen ID Cards—with 400% More Storage and Tripled Processing Power
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IDDEEA Gains a 50x Faster Response for Processing Bosnia and Herzegovina Citizen ID Cards—with 400% More Storage and Tripled Processing Power

  • Oracle Customer:  IDDEEA
    Location:  Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Industry:  Public Sector
    Employees:  240

IDDEEA is the government organization responsible for storing data required for processing citizens’ identification numbers, identity cards, drivers’ licenses, biometric passports, vehicle registrations, and other identification documents in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




A word from IDDEEA

  • "Oracle Exadata is the most mature and high-performing integrated system on the market today. It also offers lower the cost of ownership, greater scalability, and a faster return on investment than competitor platforms." – Predrag Sancanin, Deputy Director and Technical Department Head, IDDEEA

  • Scale technology to capture, store, and process the increasing data volumes required to issue biometric identity cards to all 4 million Bosnian and Herzegovinian citizens over the next three years
  • Manage 50% increase in workload, year-over-year, due to increased demand by residents for drivers’ licenses, passports, and other official government documents
  • Boost system response and availability for the 23,000 officials and civil servants in 16 government ministries at 740 locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina who rely on information held by IDDEEA to process and issue identification documents to residents
  • Cut system back-up times, improve data storage efficiency, reduce hardware costs, increase DBA productivity, avoid bottlenecks during busy periods, and eliminate unplanned downtime that affects service quality to ministries and citizens
  • Simplify and standardize administration procedures in line with the European Union (EU) Services Directive for public authorities to provide more efficient service to citizens in preparation for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to the EU


  • Achieved 50x faster user response times by replacing legacy IBM Power Series 5 and 6 servers with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-2 Quarter Rack at the primary data center in Banja Luka and a disaster recovery site in Sarajevo
  • Gained ability to concurrently process 10,000 new requests for data instead of only 3,000 at a time using legacy technology, which made IDDEEA and government ministries more efficient and helped it to issue documents to citizens in a timely manner
  • Increased storage capacity by a factor of five over legacy IBM DS4000 storage system, using Oracle Exadata’s columnar compression and intelligent storage architecture  
  • Cut hardware costs by reducing the number of servers required at the primary data center from three to two, and from two to one at the business recovery site
  • Reduced monitoring, maintenance, and support costs by replacing legacy servers, storage units, and switches with Oracle Exadata’s pre-integrated system and using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control feature to automate hardware and software stack monitoring
  • Eliminated risk of system outages when production workload was high, and avoided delays that reduced staff productivity, impacted service levels to ministries, delayed documents, and negatively affected citizens’ perception of IDDEEA
  • Used Oracle Exadata’s intelligent storage to offload SQL processing from the database to the storage nodes to reduce central-processing-unit consumption, make the database run faster, and cut back-up and restoration times
  • Avoided need to purchase new hardware for business intelligence and reporting and gained more memory space to launch future e-government services without hardware upgrades
  • Benefited from Oracle Exadata’s small footprint and energy efficiency to optimize rack space in the data center and reduce power consumption
  • Benefited from Oracle Exadata’s unrivalled processing power to enable IDDEEA to use the most modern technology available to produce biometric ID cards and passports
  • Leveraged Oracle Exadata’s processing power, stability, and resilience to improve local government efficiency in line with the EU Services Directive
  • Used Oracle Platinum Services to provide continuous system monitoring, ensure optimum performance, benefit from faster upgrades, and maximize return on investment
  • Purchased Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7120 to use intelligent hybrid storage pool architecture and advanced compression to make data back-up 5x faster

Why Oracle

IDDEEA carried out proofs of concept (POC) on Oracle Exadata and top-range platforms from long-term IT suppliers IBM and HP. Oracle Exadata delivered speeds of between 3x and 10x faster than IBM Power 6 Series servers and HP Itanium. The POC also demonstrated that IDDEEA could deploy Oracle Exadata more quickly than competitors’ systems, with Oracle requiring fewer DBA hours for maintenance and providing faster time to value.

"Oracle Exadata Database Machine comes pre-engineered to support our 50% year-on-year growth with unrivalled performance, stability, and resilience," said Sancanin. "Its out-of-the-box implementation makes it unmatched for deployment speed, time to value, and cost of ownership."  

Implementation Process

IDDEEA’s IT team implemented Oracle Exadata and completed the hardware installation, migration of database and applications, and deployment of the technology required to produce biometric ID cards in three months. Experts from the Oracle Solution Center provided guidance on setting up Oracle Exadata. A team from Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services assisted in installing and configuring the stack to IDDEEA’s needs and continues to work with Oracle Platinum Services to provide proactive system monitoring.  

"Oracle Exadata comes pre-assembled, pretuned, and ready to go,” Sancanin said. “We went live over a weekend, with minimal downtime, which avoided interference with customer-facing activities."


Oracle Partner Nites helped IDDEEA migrate data from the legacy platform to Oracle Exadata, and provided licenses and technical support. The company’s expertise in delivering integrated solutions helped IDDEEA complete the migration in 28 days, three days ahead of schedule.

"Nites complemented our own expertise and helped us carry out the implementation without disruption to our day-to-day work, " Sancanin said.