Immonet Optimizes Analytics and Decision-Making with Engineered Systems, Increases Sales Results by 200%
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Immonet Optimizes Analytics and Decision-Making with Engineered Systems, Increases Sales Results by 200%

Immonet, founded in 2003, and owned today by German media groups Axel Springer and Madsack, provides its commercial and private customers with far-reaching, cross-media, real estate marketing from a single source—via internet, newspapers, and other digital channels. Immonet is one of Germany’s leading real estate Websites with 1,495 million real estate listings and more than 3.7 million Website visitors per month (source: comScore Media Metrix’s ranking for "Total Unique Visitors,” August 2012).




A word from Immonet GmbH

  • “As a result of deploying Oracle’s engineered systems and applications, we’ve increased sales by 200% and brought Immonet back to its number-two position among Germany’s real estate platforms. With Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2-4’s extreme performance for Oracle Business Intelligence, we’ve dramatically improved our performance across the board. With Oracle Real-Time Decisions, we are maximizing our collaboration platform’s value by learning from every interaction with embedded rules and predictive analyses.” – Christian Maar, Chief Executive Officer, Immonet GmbH

  • Gain market share in the very competitive German real estate market, where only 35,000 professional real estate agents compete for millions of customers, by acquiring more real estate agents for Immonet’s real estate business
  • Improve agency satisfaction and retention by providing improved sales-lead generation to those real estate agents who are most likely to unsubscribe from Immonet
  • Improve the visitor experience with optimized offers because each agent is a highly valuable asset with potentially hundreds of customers, and Immonet expends substantial effort to service them
  • Analyze customer-buying patterns, such as increasing mobile applications usage and real estate agent behavior to optimize the property portfolio
  • Target only the most valuable real estate agents—for example, agents who will list most or all of their properties on Immonet’s Website and who have cooperated for a long time with the company


  • Used Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2-4, optimized for in-memory business intelligence workload analytics, to deliver powerful computing capacity for analyzing market trends, customer buying patterns, and agent behaviors with Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g, which enables continuous portfolio optimization to meet challenges presented by trends
  • Cut query execution times from days or hours down to minutes or seconds with Oracle Exadata Database Machine—in some areas of financial reporting, trimming down an entire week to a few seconds
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g to gain insight into a wealth of data—such as type of property, neighborhood, and price range per town and region—enabling the company to increase customer requests by 300% through better search engine advertising and to grow sales by 200%
  • Segmented customers into key accounts, regular agents, and private customers to target each segment’s most valuable customers by using Oracle Business Intelligence’s visually rich and interactive reports and dashboards and Oracle Exalytics’ outstanding performance to process the data within minutes, instead of weeks
  • Reduced agent churn rate by more than 50%—a major competitive advantage in the German real estate market that is serviced by only 35,000 professional agents—through automated, real-time recommendations of personalized sales leads to the agents that are most likely to unsubscribe from Immonet
  • Integrated the Google search landing page with self-learning predictive modeling in Oracle Real-Time Decisions to substantially improve the conversion rate of new, real-estate agents, as compared to the previous randomized rules
  • Reduced high acquisition costs for on-boarding professional real estate agents to Immonet’s platform by optimizing campaign targeting with business intelligence data, developing successful partner acquisition campaigns, such as those that feature partners in each region
  • Enabled each department to roll out business intelligence dashboards and reports with ease—such as demand forecasts, employee performance reports, and mobile applications usage—to increase insight and decision-making capabilities across the board
  • Delivered specific analyses—such as reports about new customers and lost contracts, issued daily at 3 a.m.—with Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile to iPad to better assist the company’s frequently traveling managers
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition Plus On Demand to gain seamless access to manage Oracle business intelligence and to gain support expertise—ensuring industry-leading availability, reliability, and security, reducing total cost of ownership and improving return on investment

Why Oracle

“Oracle is the only company capable of delivering the entire stack for a proper data warehouse and business intelligence environment. The time from our decision to deploy the Oracle stack—including Exadata, Exalytics, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle Real-Time Decisions—until its entry into production, took us less than two months,” said Christian Maar, chief executive officer, Immonet GmbH.


Oracle Platinum partner ISE Information Systems Engineering delivered and implemented the complete data warehouse and business intelligence solution in September 2012, on schedule and within budget.