Impact Business Information Solutions Relies on Extreme-Performance System to Accelerate Insight for Health Sciences Decision-Makers

Impact Business Information Solutions Relies on Extreme-Performance System to Accelerate Insight for Health Sciences Decision-Makers

Impact Business Information Solutions Inc. (IBIS) develops innovative image data management solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industries. Its flagship product, IBISimg is a comprehensive, enterprise-class medical image data management system that provides an alternative to traditional picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and vendor-neutral storage solutions.

Increasingly, the company’s life sciences clients are looking for earlier access to medical image data to inform decisions about the future of compounds being tested for drug efficacy. At the same time, its healthcare facility customers require highly scalable storage for their imaging operations, as well as the ability to view patient studies in real time to improve productivity and care.

IBIS had been running its IBISimg solution on Oracle Database and commodity hardware, which had performed well. Looking to meet evolving customer needs and secure its competitive advantage, the company wanted to prove that its system could scale to new levels when running on Oracle’s engineered solutions. In 2011, it conducted a benchmark of IBISimg on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, starting with a quarter rack and then progressing to a half rack.

Using a representative sample set of medical image data from five modalities—magnetic resonance (MR), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound and mammography—on one- to four-clustered-node configurations, the company benchmarked four IBISimg Web services―upload/insert, extract/normalize, validate, download―across 25, 50, and 100 client connections. It then benchmarked the digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) image-view function using the same criteria. On average, total data set throughput times were between 1.8- and 2.9-times faster on the four-node database/100-connections configuration than on the one-node/25-connections configuration.

For the image viewing operation, IBIS transferred image data over the DICOM protocol (which is less efficient than an HTTP protocol), and verified subsecond “time to first image” for PET, CT, and MR images. For PET, CT, and MR images, it also achieved subsecond time to complete the transfer of the first image to the DICOM viewer.

IBIS, an Oracle partner, achieved Oracle Exastack Ready certification program status, which recognizes the company as having applications that leverage the latest Oracle technology to better support joint customers.

Running IBISimg on Oracle Exadata Database Machine for extreme processing can help clinical healthcare and life sciences organizations to redefine clinical research image data management process and guarantee data quality at electronic speed. These organizations can rapidly download large data sets for offline reviews, and enable real-time study reviews to drive faster decision-making. They can also achieve high throughput for all data operations to improve productivity for clinical and operational activities, reduce operational costs with a single repository, and ensure a future-proof solution that ensures linear scalability. IBIS also projects that it can reduce customer costs up to 80%, through improved query response times and lower database storage costs.

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  • “By combining the robust functionality of IBISimg with the power, scalability, and efficiency of Oracle Exadata Database Machine, our customers gain a platform that is optimized to help them transform medical image data management and achieve new levels of insight and productivity.” – Tony O’Sullivan, Vice President, Operations, Impact Business Information Solutions, Inc. (IBIS)



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“Each time we scaled up and made more hardware available to IBISimg, we still filled the pipe, demonstrating that our IBISimg software takes full advantage of the power of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The benchmark enabled us to demonstrate that, with Oracle Exadata, we can deliver the extreme scalability and performance that our health sciences customers need to rapidly make critical decisions about patient care and new drug candidates,” said Tony O’Sullivan, vice president, operations, Impact Business Information Solutions, Inc. (IBIS).

IBIS achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized status through the Oracle PartnerNetwork. In achieving this status, the application was tested and is now certified as supported on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.