INC Research Ensures 24/7 Enterprise Application Availability and Supports Rapid Expansion in Asia with Managed Cloud Services
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INC Research Ensures 24/7 Enterprise Application Availability and Supports Rapid Expansion in Asia with Managed Cloud Services

INC Research, LLC is a top-six, global, clinical research organization (CRO) that provides a full range of clinical development services. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies rely on INC Research for a full range of customized phase I to phase IV clinical development and trial programs and services.

The company has been expanding rapidly through organic growth and acquisition. In 2011, it acquired Kendle International, Inc., significantly expanding its reach and customer base.




A word from INC Research, LLC

  • "Oracle Managed Cloud Services has provided us with the 24/7 availability and scalability that we require to support our growing contract research organization. And, it avoids the cost and complexity of deploying IT teams around the globe with the ability to quickly expand and integrate acquisitions. We are firm believers that Oracle does Oracle best.” – William Hayfer, Vice President, Business Systems, INC Research, LLC

  • Support the CRO’s expansion in Asia and around the globe to meet clinical-trial sponsor needs and requirements
  • Ensure 24/7 availability and support for the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment to meet the needs of the global organization that has grown exponentially in the last decade
  • Ensure consistent business processes across the company’s operations in more than 100 countries
  • Onboard acquired companies and their employees rapidly to jumpstart return on investment
  • Expand insight into enterprise performance and accelerate and standardize financial planning processes following acquisitions and expansion initiatives


  • Relied on Oracle Hyperion Planning On Demand and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources On Demand, delivered through Oracle Managed Cloud Services to ensure consistent business processes and provide a highly scalable ERP infrastructure that supports international growth as clinical trial markets expand in Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Avoided the cost and complexity of deploying IT teams and systems at locations around the globe―gaining a competitive advantage
  • Gained the ability to quickly integrate new acquisitions in emerging clinical trial markets and add offices to the network with a cloud-based IT model
  • Moved 10 years of data effectively and efficiently to jumpstart return on investment
  • Deployed PeopleSoft Learning Management to effectively train employees, including clinical trial managers, on procedures and policies―reducing the need for traditional classroom training around the globe, standardizing the experience, and saving more than US$1 million annually with online training
  • Standardized and accelerated a disparate, spreadsheet-based, budget-planning process, saving weeks or months with Oracle Hyperion Planning On Demand
  • Gained reliable, consistent, and timely financial information from global operations and enabled analysts to conduct variance analysis for greater insight―improving confidence in forecasts and planning
  • Extended ability to track and analyze clinical program budgets, performance, and profitability with Oracle Project Analytics, gaining insight that drives continuous improvement for clients
  • Leveraged PeopleSoft Resource Management and provided extended WorkForce management through extension of project analytics schema
  • Improved visibility into financial performance worldwide with Oracle Financial Analytics
  • Used Oracle Fusion Middleware, including Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, to create seamless integration between various applications, including the company’s investigator database and its clinical trial management system―gaining more effective and accurate clinical trial information and avoiding the time and cost associated with rekeying data

Why Oracle

As INC Research continued to expand globally, it required an IT infrastructure that was available 24/7 and could support rapid integration of new organizations and offices. Achieving this goal would require significant investment in terms of technology and human resources, in an area that was outside of the company’s core competency. As such, it looked to a managed cloud services approach. INC Research had been running Oracle applications in its legacy environment and looked to expand its footprint with industry-leading Oracle Fusion Middleware.

“We are focused on ensuring high availability while reducing our IT complexity,” said William Hayfer, vice president, Business Systems, INC Research. “Oracle provides leading solutions across the application, middleware, and technology layers, and Oracle Managed Cloud Services enables us to put the full resources of the company that developed the solutions behind our implementation. It is a logical approach that allows us to get the most from our investment.”

Implementation Process

INC Research successfully used the method to integrate Kendle’s PeopleSoft HR platform with INC Research’s Financial platform, cutting months from the integration process.

INC Research’s cloud strategy is an ongoing effort. The company is currently running several of its PeopleSoft Human Resources applications and Oracle Hyperion Planning through Oracle Managed Cloud Services. It is preparing to run its Oracle Fusion Middleware environment, including Oracle WebCenter Portal, using the Oracle Cloud and will migrate its Oracle E-Business Suite applications when it upgrades to Release 12 in late 2013. Moving forward, INC Research also plans to migrate PeopleSoft Learning Management to Oracle Managed Cloud Services.