Indorama Ventures Integrates 41 Heterogeneous Sites on a Single Enterprise Data Platform and Accelerates Corporate Decision-Making
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Indorama Ventures Integrates 41 Heterogeneous Sites on a Single Enterprise Data Platform and Accelerates Corporate Decision-Making

Indorama Ventures PLC is one of the largest vertically integrated polyester chain producers in the world and a leading global manufacturer of wool yarns. It produces raw materials, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers and yarns that are critical components of products used in daily life, such as food, beverages, healthcare, personal and home care products, and textiles.

The company operates across 41 sites in 15 countries on four continents.




A word from Indorama Ventures PLC

  • “We reviewed the leading vendors and their products and chose Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition as it was the only truly web-based solution that satisfied Indorama Venture’s stringent selection requirements. It integrated data from 41 heterogeneous sites into a single platform, and accelerated management decision-making with its ability to drill into the lowest level of enterprise data from around the world.” – S.K. Srivastava, CIO, Indorama Ventures PLC

  • Integrate enterprise data from 41 heterogeneous sites in 15 countries to provide one source of corporate information, improving corporate knowledge and decision-making
  • Replace manual data gathering and reporting with an automated, reliable system that staff and management across all business divisions—such as polyester or wool yarns—can quickly adopt
  • Enable data mining and support a deep-dive information culture to enable root-cause analysis
  • Improve business processes and reduce reporting and analysis times to enable faster, more accurate decision-making


  • Improved enterprise data quality by eliminating manual processes and automating data gathering, consolidation, and reporting from a single platform across three vertical polyester production operations
  • Enhanced accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of data for sales, production, and inventory by gaining a single view of corporate information across 41 diverse, raw material, manufacturing, and production sites in 15 countries
  • Accelerated management decision-making with drill-down capability that enables root-cause analysis, for example sales data for bottle grade PET product components, supporting a detailed, data-management corporate culture
  • Enabled staff to customize more detailed reports, including sales and inventory management for the global fiber and yarn business, achieving a single view of data across 41 sites, thanks to self-service, interactive reporting functionality
  • Provided online access to companywide data, including sales and inventory figures through web-based functionality, enabling staff to generate a variety of enterprise reports and analyses of business strategy by product line, site, or country
  • Achieved better control of manufacturing processes by gaining actionable intelligence for operational data, including production volumes, sales volumes, profitability, product and material orders, and expenses, enabling an enterprisewide view of operations
  • Reduced business intelligence system administration and support requirements by implementing a simple, low maintenance solution, enabling IT staff to focus on providing value-added services to business areas
  • Created one view of each plant’s key data, like sales, production and stock volume, to improve online visibility and provide consolidated regional operational data
  • Enabled staff to generate reports that were not previously available, such as a single view of regional sales data, by using an interactive dashboard to enhance the richness and visualization of companywide data and enable monitoring of key profit indicators

Why Oracle

Indorama Ventures chose Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition as it was the only truly web-based solution to enable data drill down capabilities, reduce administration time, and integrate easily with the company’s existing Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Management products.

“Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition can help reduce our IT administration costs and time, and it delivers advanced features for detailed and accurate reporting and analysis. It is a very simple and intuitive system that our staff and management have quickly adopted. We are constantly exploring its features and learning new ways to maximize its technical, functional, and business benefits,” said S.K. Srivastava, CIO, Indorama Ventures PLC.

Implementation Process

Indorama Ventures spent eight months developing internal requirements for its BI tool selection and implementation. Following selection of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition, the company worked closely with Oracle’s Singapore office in the planning and implementation phases, ensuring all required functionality was included in the build. The new system went live in March 2012.

Indorama Ventures conducted internal training programs for staff to ensure faster uptake across the business. Intuitive product functionality enabled staff to immediately use the tool following the training.