Taleo Powers Growth via Talent Mobility at InterContinental Hotels Group
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Taleo Powers Growth via Talent Mobility at InterContinental Hotels Group

InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a business with strong ambitions for growth.Already responsible for more than 650,000 hotel rooms and 4,400 hotels across the world, its expansion programme is similarly impressive. Currently opening new locations at an average rate of one per day, IHG also has the industry’s largest hotel development pipeline, currently progressing more than 1,200 hotels with almost 200,000 rooms.

Naturally, this rapid expansion also creates the positive challenge of ensuring that IHG has the right people in place to help manage this growth. “Over the next four years, we need to find around 400,000 people to help support that growth pipeline,”says Claire Guberg, Global Talent Systems Manager at IHG. “Understandably, it’s one of the biggest challenges facing the recruitment team.”

A large part of meeting that challenge also lies in ensuring that the opportunity in talent mobility is maximised. “With such a large global portfolio, we need to make sure that we don’t just have visibility of internal talent, but that we’re proactively identifying and supporting it too,” says Guberg. “We wanted a consistent, across the board approach to managing this, and that meant being able to give our people the power to share their ambitions and career preferences with us.”


A word from InterContinental Hotel Group

  • “In order to achieve business growth on the kind of scale that we’re looking at, you can’t handle the corresponding recruitment process manually – it would jeopardize the quality of that process and the candidate experience. Taleo allows us to spend less time on managing the processes and more time being dynamic and proactive in how we recruit.”- Claire Guberg, Global Talent Systems Management InterContinental Hotels Group

IHG has been using Taleo Recruiting since 2004, where it was introduced into the company’s Asia Pacific operations. Over the years, it has been deployed across the rest of IHG’s globally owned and managed hotel operations and is managed by IHG’s Global Talent Systems team, which was founded in 2009.

When Claire moved into her current role as head of the Global Talent Systems team, there was a directive from the senior team at IHG that the company needed to become a more flexible organization when it came to talent mobility. “There was a desire to build and foster a culture that allowed people to tell us about the functions and global or regional locations that they wanted to work in and feed that back to us,” says Guberg. “We didn’t want that stiff perception that you’re there to do only the job that you applied for in one location.”

Taleo was quickly identified as a way of helping to achieve that. Taleo Recruiting, which helps organizations to source, assess, hire, and onboard the best talent, is being used as a way of improving the quality and efficiency of both external and – vitally for such a global organization – internal recruitment.

“We need people who are brand aware – what we call brand-hearted – who can deliver our vision to our customers and our team so that our hotels are successful,” says Guberg.“We believe that the best way of getting that level of brand-heartedness is to look internally for the key positions that we need around the globe.”

One of the primary ways that IHG helps to drive that internal mobility is through its biannual Careers Week. Careers Week is used to encourage existing IHG personnel– no matter their level or job function – to go into the Taleo system and create a profile. Careers Week is not mandatory, but there is broad support since Group hotels around the world hold a variety of activities to help people to participate.

“This allows us to create a pool of people within the Taleo database that we can search and find out where they want to work in the world and which functions they might be interested in working in at a future point in their career, and helps us to very quickly check that we’re approaching the right people when it comes to new opportunities across the globe,” says Guberg.




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