INTERSALONIKA General Insurances Generates Reports 10x Faster and Reduces Batch Processing from Two Hours to 10 Minutes
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INTERSALONIKA General Insurances Generates Reports 10x Faster and Reduces Batch Processing from Two Hours to 10 Minutes

INTERSALONIKA General Insurances S.A. is one of the top three insurance companies in Greece and offers general, technical, and travel insurance services. The company also provides accident, health, fire, automobile, aircraft, and civil liability insurance.

INTERSALONIKA needed a reliable, high-performance platform with built-in redundancy to ensure continued high availability for its applications built on Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports that support premiums, claims, customer relationship, financial management, and reporting processes. Steady growth in customer numbers and an increase in insurance policies meant its legacy, multivendor, server environment—which included Oracle Database, Intel and Windows technology, and hardware that had reached its end of life and—could not scale to support its 400 underwriters, analysts, claims managers, and customer support staff. In additional to poor performance, manual back-up of critical business slowed operations and had unacceptably high system management costs. Daily reports took two hours to run, which impacted executives’ ability to base strategic decisions on up-to-the-minute intelligence.

INTERSALONIKA implemented Oracle Database Appliance and gained an engineered, highly-available, clustered database system, pre-installed with Oracle Linux and Oracle Enterprise Manager tuning and diagnostic packs. One month after implementation, INTERSALONIKA can run database applications and key performance indicator (KPI) reports 10x faster and complete batch processing jobs in 10 minutes instead of two hours. Enterprise data is more secure and reductions in floor space and cooling requirements have cut operating costs. Automated, secure back-up has improved IT staff productivity. Replacing a multivendor environment with pre-engineered hardware and software from a single vendor has streamlined maintenance and support. Seamless scalability and pay-as-you-grow licensing will enable the company to expand from 8 processor cores to 24 without any hardware upgrades, as its business grows.

A word from INTERSALONIKA General Insurances S.A.

  • "Oracle Database Appliance sets new standards for performance, price, reliability, and scalability. Its preconfigured, ready-to-go delivery makes it a game-changer in the market." – Kostas Yanniotis, Board Vice Chairman and Managing Director, INTERSALONIKA General Insurances S.A.



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Why Oracle

INTERSALONIKA chose Oracle Database Appliance on the advice of implementation partner Softworks S.A., which recommended the solution because of its high availability, affordability, ease-of-use, scalability, and built-in redundancy.

"Oracle’s innovative pay-as-you-go solution is unique on the market, " said Kostas Yanniotis, board vice chairman and managing director, INTERSALONIKA General Insurances S.A. "It allows us align our software spend with business growth while reducing deployment risk, decreasing the support resources needed to build and maintain a high-performance system, and eliminating costly hardware upgrades."


Oracle Certified Partner Softworks S.A. provided consultancy services to INTERSALONIKA, carried out requirements planning, and gained input from key stakeholders. Softworks managed the solution implementation from data migration and system administration training through to go-live and user support.

"We chose Softworks for its expertise in implementing clustered database systems and its in-depth Oracle knowledge," said Eleftherios Kakanes, IT manager, INTERSALONIKA General Insurances S.A. "It carried out the implementation on time and on budget, while minimizing the disruption to both users and customers."