Intuit Uses Scalable, Cloud-Based Learning Management Platform to Engage Customers and Grow

Intuit Uses Scalable, Cloud-Based Learning Management Platform to Engage Customers and Grow

Intuit started in 1983 with Quicken personal finance software, simplifying a common household dilemma: balancing the family checkbook. Today, Intuit has helped improve the lives of more than 50 million people. Its flagship products and services, including QuickBooks, Quicken, and TurboTax, simplify business management and payroll processing, personal finance, tax preparation and filing. ProSeries and Lacerte are Intuit’s leading tax preparation offerings for professional accountants.




A word from Intuit Inc.

  • “Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service provides us with a comprehensive and scalable learning management platform for our customer training programs. It is a key platform we use for our Intuit Academy and our ProAdvisor Program training offerings, allowing us to deliver 24/7, high-quality training to hundreds of thousands of users, including accounting professionals.” Syed Ali, Channels Development Manager, Accountant and Advisor Group, Intuit Inc.

  • Deploy a single, comprehensive software-as-a-service learning platform that can support the company’s extensive customer training offerings for accounting professionals
  • Centralize training and certification on one system that can be extended across multiple platforms including desktop and mobile environments
  • Deploy a scalable solution that can support a global user base
  • Ensure that the learning platform can support large numbers of users, provide 24/7 availability, scale cost effectively, and deliver a seamless Intuit brand experience
  • Centralize all customer-facing training and certification courses on a single system and gain the flexibility to deliver them seamlessly via any device—PC, laptop, or tablet—for user convenience


  • Used Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service to improve, simplify, and streamline two key global training programs—Intuit Academy and QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program (including six certifications, 10 exams, and 40 courses)—and ensure they are up and running 24/7, year around
  • Integrated Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service and Oracle Identity Management to ensure single sign-on for the two accountant-training programs, as data increases—such as for registration and certification information
  • Trained 132,000 customers and awarded 21,000 certifications in fiscal year 2013 and set even more ambitious goals for the next fiscal year
  • Achieved a strong Net Promoter Score of 56% for fiscal year 2013’s training experience
  • Provided QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program users with a single log in via Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service, allowing users to quickly see a list of training exams required for various certification levels as well as recommended courses that are helpful in passing the exam, ultimately improving ease-of-use and customer satisfaction
  • Enabled accountants to update their completed certifications using Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service, ultimately making it easier for businesses to find accountants with specific certification levels and increasing new business
  • Deployed Oracle’s learning management solution as a single platform to enable Intuit to centralize all customer-facing training and certification courses through any device—whether it is desktop or mobile
  • Made it easier for its users to promote certifications via social media, with 65% of individuals sharing their completed status on social channels
  • Enabled QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program users to increase their productivity and become more knowledgeable about Intuit’s flagship products, with two-thirds of users indicating that the available materials make them feel more empowered to serve their clients’ needs
  • Laid the foundation to explore expanding the LearnCenter globally to Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Canada so that users can access courses in their native languages

Why Oracle

“We wanted one platform that was easy to customize and configure. Many of the learning management solutions are built for internal training. Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service was the only solution that enabled us to customize and integrate with customer-facing training and build seamless experience for our customers,” said Syed Ali, channels development manager, accountant and advisor group, Intuit Inc.