Iron Bow Technologies Saves US$8 Million Annually with an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution and Ensures a 100% Return on Investment

Iron Bow Technologies Saves US$8 Million Annually with an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution and Ensures a 100% Return on Investment

For more than three decades, Iron Bow Technologies has earned the trust of hundreds of government and commercial customers by providing IT solutions that enable them to work faster and better. The company achieved this success by hiring the best people, investing in advanced knowledge, and committing to a customer-first culture.

Each year, Iron Bow consistently ranks as a solutions leader, based on various media and industry sources. The company helps customers select, acquire, design, and integrate IT that solves specific business challenges. A collaborative approach from start to finish produces exceptionally customer-focused solution designs and applications. 




A word from Iron Bow Technologies

  • “After undergoing multiple changes over years—from rebranding to acquisitions—we were severely hampered by a legacy collection of ad-hoc tools and business systems. Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 provided us with a single, integrated enterprise resource planning solution to improve productivity and support future company growth.” – Ray Harris, CIO, Iron Bow Technologies

  • Identify an enterprisewide solution to replace a legacy collection of ad hoc tools and help manage the sales pipeline, which is growing rapidly due to the company’s recent rebranding and its ongoing acquisitions
  • Establish a central database to enable the technology-solutions provider to measure its business operations’ effectiveness
  • Bring key outsourced system components—such as a supply-chain processing and quoting system—in-house to improve flexibility and the sales team’s ability to effectively and efficiently provide unique solutions to meet different civilian, commercial, defense, and intelligence customer requirements


  • Replaced disparate customer resource management and financials systems, a homegrown quoting tool, and outsourced supply-chain processing with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 to provide a seamless enterprisewide solution, increasing productivity and supporting the company’s future growth
  • Enabled Iron Bow to renegotiate its relationship with its primary business process services supplier, saving the company approximately US$8 million annually in outsourcing costs, and ensuring 100% return on investment for its Oracle E-Business Suite implementation
  • Provided users with centralized access to standardized data for profit and loss, growth, and performance reports—ultimately improving financial team productivity, reporting processes, and overall transparency
  • Integrated Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle E-Business Suite to provide the sales team with a single, consistent way to track opportunities through deal closure, as well as to give sales team members and management real-time and detailed insight into the pipeline
  • Established a comprehensive web presence from presales and lead generation, to sales, to postsales support with Oracle iStore, enabling the sales team to work more efficiently and drive more profitable customer interactions
  • Automated product rebate calculations using Oracle Channel Rebates and Point of Sale Management, saving the sales team one month’s work by eliminating a cumbersome, spreadsheet-based process
  • Accelerated expense report creation, review, and approval processes for employees and managers, improving productivity and enabling employees to focus more on core responsibilities
  • Provided a single, accurate view of contract-related activities, enabling Iron Bow to streamline management, prevent revenue leakage, and enforce compliance, particularly with complex, government contracts
  • Established a human resources system that delivers the visibility the company needed to better respond to employee and staffing needs
  • Enabled Iron Bow to view drill-down for metrics, such as sales by group and/or territory, low/high margin data, and top-selling vendors with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition—driving more informed decision-making
  • Used Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard to create self-paced e-learning materials—including online process simulators, employee training manuals, and classroom training presentations—to facilitate a better learning experience for end users and enable them to access materials at any point in time if they need a refresher
  • Completed the implementation in 19 months, within budget, using Oracle Business Accelerators

Why Oracle

“We conducted a three-month evaluation of SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle, and ultimately selected Oracle because of its flexibility in supporting our customer relationship management and quoting-system integration requirements. In addition, the Oracle solution was more scalable than the other offerings, which will be very important as we will continue to grow,” said Ray Harris, CIO, Iron Bow Technologies.

Implementation Process

Iron Bow Technologies, working with Oracle partner BizTech, implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 over the course of 19 months and effectively replaced the company’s homegrown quoting tool and service-based financial system (Costpoint), as well as eliminated outsourced business processes which were hampering Iron Bow’s success and continued growth.

“Unlike many enterprisewide ERP implementations, which can take companies years to successfully complete, we deployed Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 in just 19 months. We accomplished this by utilizing a big-bang approach, but managed to not interrupt our day-to-day business processes along the way. The Oracle implementation also laid the foundation for future enhancements,” Harris said.


“The BizTech team used Oracle Business Accelerators’ business flows throughout the project—from preproject training, to conference-room pilot sessions, to testing—ultimately helping our users adopt standard practices for many of our core business areas,” Harris said.