ISS World Services Improves Customer Experience, Quickly Realizes Return on Investment

ISS World Services Improves Customer Experience, Quickly Realizes Return on Investment

ISS World Services A/S, part of the ISS Group, is a facilities-service provider offering a wide range of cleaning, administrative support, property, catering, security, and facility management services.

ISS operates in more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Pacific region, serving thousands of public and private sector customers, many of which operate globally.




A word from ISS World Services A/S

  • “Oracle Exadata simplified our IT landscape, bringing about a dramatic reduction in the response times in our key applications. This is helping us to become even more efficient, improve the customer experience, and create a return on our investment quickly.” – Anders Kjer Hedegaard, Global Applications Manager, ISS World Services A/S

  • Increase key service systems’ storage capacities to accommodate company growth and expansion in its global, facility-service business and improve operational efficiency
  • Improve performance of the business-critical, work-order application and accelerate speed to improve the customer experience and employees’ work order efficiency
  • Reduce long response times to service request orders handled by the company’s employees that are placed by cleaning, administrative support, property, catering, security, and facility management service customers
  • Consolidate key service systems on a single, scalable IT platform, based on modern technology to meet business requirements for sufficient scalability and capacity


  • Achieved a dramatic and immediate reduction in the time needed to complete vital work-order tasks immediately after migrating databases to Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Improved key, service-request response times, significantly enhancing operational and employee efficiency
  • Reduced the time to create a new service request from 40 minutes to 7 minutes, time to upgrade an existing service request from six hours to 40 minutes, time to import a service request schedule for a global customer into the system from 15 to 20 hours to 1 hour, and the time to perform service request order lookups from 60 seconds to less than 5 seconds
  • Improved customer satisfaction with the work order system through faster response times
  • Consolidated all business-critical systems and databases onto Oracle Exadata Database Machine, which enables the company to more easily analyze all customer data and quickly add databases if required by the business
  • Provided a manageable, scalable, high-performance platform for the company to support growth

Why Oracle

Oracle Exadata was the best choice for us from a performance, scalability, and manageability perspective. Oracle also provided best practices from skilled resources to ensure a fast implementation,” said Anders Kjaer Hedegaard, global applications manager, ISS World Services A/S.

Implementation Process

Experts from Oracle Consulting and Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services delivered Oracle Exadata readiness and advisory service to ISS World Services and its hosting and operations provider. The team ensured a fast and high-quality implementation of Oracle Exadata using existing best practices to set up the necessary hardware and software infrastructure components and to ensure information transfer to all parties.

The company conducted the implementation and migration to the new platform according to plan, carrying it out in approximately two months, which is a very short time frame for projects of this scale and complexity.