Jackson Hewitt Provides 1 Million Training Courses Annually, Delivers Consistent, Efficient Support with Flexible, Scalable Cloud Solutions
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Jackson Hewitt Provides 1 Million Training Courses Annually, Delivers Consistent, Efficient Support with Flexible, Scalable Cloud Solutions

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. is the second-largest tax preparation service in the United States and is responsible for preparing millions of computerized federal, state, and local, individual income tax returns each year. The company operates more than 6,800 franchised and company-owned locations throughout the United States, including 2,800 locations in Wal-Mart and other retail stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. Jackson Hewitt also offers an online tax preparation product at www.jacksonhewittonline.com.




A word from Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.

  • “Oracle’s software-as-a-service platforms—Oracle RightNow Cloud Service and Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service—work very well in our highly seasonal and geographically dispersed business. We’ve gained highly scalable, flexible, robust, and available solutions that we can access with an affordable, pay-as-you-go approach.” ‒ Tim Bechtold, Vice President of Customer Service, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.

  • Ensure that Jackson Hewitt franchise owners and tax preparers receive thorough and consistent training as well as 24/7 support to deliver high-quality services to clients
  • Select a learning management platform and customer relationship management (CRM) system that offers a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go model to support the variable needs of the largely seasonal business
  • Deploy a scalable, learning management system that can support thousands of concurrent users, as it gears up to tax season, while allowing preparers to take training at their convenience
  • Deliver cost-effective training and support to thousands of geographically dispersed, permanent and seasonal employees, annually
  • Enable franchise owners, tax preparers, and consumers to gain accurate, complete, and rapid answers to questions about Jackson Hewitt services, as well as to specific tax provisions


  • Selected Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service and Oracle RightNow Cloud Service solutions—flexible and scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings—to gain robust and cost-effective pay-as-you-go learning management and CRM capabilities that match the needs of the seasonal tax preparation business 
  • Ensured a highly scalable learning management platform that supports approximately 1 million course completions annually—including more than 27,000 sessions daily and more than 8,200 users, a catalogue of over 200 courses including video courses, and 50,000 page hits during the peak pretax season period
  • Delivered SCORM-compliant (meeting the standard for web-based, e-learning, standard, shareable content) training to tax preparers that can be tracked and used as KPIs for the organization
  • Gained the ability to support a blended curriculum—featuring online and classroom training, virtual coaching, as well as game-based learning—for ultimate flexibility
  • Deployed Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service in just three months and ensured high availability to support 24/7 learning requirements
  • Used Oracle RightNow Cloud Service solutions to provide highly responsive and consistent support to franchise owners, tax preparers, as well as customers doing their own taxes online with the company’s software
  • Enabled quickly creation of a knowledge base including 1,000 frequently asked questions (FAQs) for franchise owners—including information on bookkeeping, revenue management, marketing, and software—and the ability to rapidly identify and add new questions based on franchisee inquiries
  • Ensured that franchise support team members—75% of which are seasonal employees—can get up to speed quickly and deliver thorough and consistent answers to franchise owners’ and tax preparers’ questions
  • Realized a 25% decrease in support team calls the first year after deploying Oracle RightNow Cloud Service and another 10% to 15% reduction the following season, thanks to self-service capabilities
  • Trained seasonal employees 15% to 20% faster—cutting approximately four to five days from the training curriculum—because the company can effectively deliver content to seasonal workers through the knowledge base and online FAQs
  • Eliminated need to hire offshore temporary workers in the company’s Philippines call center, thanks to reduced call volume and directing remaining calls to a US-based facility
  • Removed the need for idle resources during the eight-month off-season, with pay-as-you-go SaaS-based learning management and CRM solutions
  • Improved the customer experience and increased productivity in franchise and company-owned locations because preparers quickly get answers to questions, resolve issues, and provide a higher-quality tax return
  • Leveraged chat capabilities to improve support agent productivity and enable preparers to get immediate answers to questions as they interact with customers
  • Used Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to provide cost-effective, rapid, and effective support to consumers using Jackson Hewitt’s online tax preparation tools, as well as to taxpayers who are looking for office locations and documentation requirements

Why Oracle

Since Jackson Hewitt’s business is so seasonal, the company sought SaaS-based learning management and CRM offerings that would enable it to pay for what it needs, avoiding fixed licensing costs and asset management requirements, regardless of volume. Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service and Oracle RightNow Cloud Service solutions are industry-leading offerings that provide high levels of scalability, functionality, and reliability, as well as predictable costs.

“Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service is a strong fit for our unique learning environment,” said Barbara Jordan, chief learning officer, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. “It allows us the flexibility to scale readily when we need to, without the cost of maintaining costly, on-premise deployments. As important, the platform is highly flexible to allow us to deliver training through many different modes.”

“We like that Oracle RightNow is cloud based and always one step ahead in developing new features in the CRM applications that we can leverage to make our customers’ experience better, easier, and seamless. Regardless of whether they prepare their own tax return at jacksonhewittonline.com or choose to work with a professional preparer in one of our stores, customers expect the same high level of service and experience from Jackson Hewitt, and Oracle RightNow continues to help us accomplish that goal,” said Tim Bechtold, vice president of customer service, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.

Implementation Process

Jackson Hewitt deployed Oracle Taleo Lean Cloud service in just three months and has achieved high performance, with response times ranging from 80 milliseconds to 556 milliseconds. The company also values high availability, especially during peak seasons.

Jackson Hewitt replaced its legacy CRM system with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service. It set up two systems, each with two interfaces. The first system serves the company’s franchise community. Each interface allows users to access a knowledge base. Franchise employees can also use an ask-a-question tab to e-mail Jackson Hewitt, or use the chat tab to start a live session with one of the support agents. A second interface on the business-to-business system is for corporate customer service agents in the Philippines. When a call comes in, an agent creates a case and routes it back to the franchise-care designee for resolution.

Jackson Hewitt deployed a second system for its online customers. Taxpayers can e-mail or chat with a representative, make a call to a live agent, and/or use self-service tools to get their questions answered. This system also has a second interface for jacksonhewitt.com visitors who might be looking for an office location or information on documentation for tax preparation processes.